How to Become a Writer

  • Do you have a photography tip that you think other photographers would like to know how to use?
  • Do you want to show your top photos and discuss how you shot them and why?
  • Do you like to teach, guiding and assisting others to become better photographers?
  • Do you have an opinion about a piece of photography equipment you bought (or didn't buy and why) and use and how it performs?

If you answer any of these questions with a "YES," then invites you to become one of its online writers. It's simple, free and an easy way to bring more attention to your photography or your photography business.

Your name, article, photos and know-how will be read and seen on one of the largest online photography sites, plus you'll have the advantage of's massive social media reach. Sharing your ideas, thoughts and photos on could lead to paying assignments and purchase of your photos. It's also a great way to find photo buddies, mentors or mentoring opportunities in your local area.

Give Us Your Best

You wouldn't be visiting unless you were passionate about photography, and so are the millions of other visitors. They want exact information to help them with specific photography problems or challenges, or to learn the correct methods for various types of photography they haven't tried yet.

Articles can be aimed at beginner, intermediate and advanced digital photographers.

Topics could include:

-Equipment techniques: camera, lenses, lighting, exposure, etc.

-Specific types of photography, such as nature, portraits, sports, travel, family, weddings, etc.

-Post-production techniques.

-Photography business methods and best practices.

-Articles and photos about your experiences and the challenges you faced when trying to capture a particular photo or satisfying a client's requirements.

-Please submit an original photo (at least one) with your article that represents the topic or primary point you are making.

-Please submit articles of at least 300 words and a maximum of 4,000.

-When your article is approved for online publication, it will include your byline and a link to your blogs, Web site, photolog, Flickr account, photography studio site or any other Web location.

-All content (article and photos) must be original and has not (and will not) been published on any Web sites. has the right to use your articles and photos exclusively and indefinitely.


How to Submit Your Article

You can submit your articles and photos to with either of the following methods.

-Submission/Contact Form: The fastest and easiest method is to use the form below. You can quickly cut and paste your text and upload your photos. Forum: You can also share your tips and techniques in the Forum section of the Web site.



Please note: reserves the right to exclude any articles it deems inappropriate or does not match its Web site content standards for helpful and unique information. A good first step is to submit a short paragraph explaining the article you would like to write, and receive pre-approval.

8MB Limit on all Photo & Document Uploads
If more photos are needed for article, please click here… editor will contact you with direct email