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PhotographyTalk was born from the recognized need to create a global community where you are able to realize your dreams to take better photos. It starts with our enormous content of self-help resources and the opportunity to be inspired and to inspire others in our community of more than 1.5 million subscribers. Photographers just like you and some of the best photographers in the world find it incredibly rewarding to communicate with you through our Forum, answering your questions and helping you improve your skills, so you can become a better photographer.

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Learn how to take better photos – With more than 2,500 articles, the 90-Day Photography Challenge aka “Photo Boot Camp” and a regular schedule of new e-books, you’ll have access to all the resources you’ll ever need to take your photography beyond your expectations.


Sharpen your photography business skills for maximum success – Learn from some of the most recognized and influential photographers on the planet in our series of business-building interviews. They share valuable tips to help you avoid the pitfalls they experienced, so your path to success is quicker and direct. Even if your ultimate goal does not include operating a photography business, the insights revealed in these interviews will help you as much as any photography technique.


Create long-lasting photography friendships – With more than 1.5 million photographers who subscribe to PhotographyTalk, you’ll find people from throughout the world who are eager to share your passion for photography.

With more than 1.5 million subscribers from 199 countries, and thousands joining every day, PhotographyTalk is one of the largest networks of photographers in the world.

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