• Cathy Kadolph
    What version of Photoshop is everyone using here?

    I was just given an entire set of (don't laugh) Photoshop 2.0. That's so archaic it's like playing tetris or pacman. However, I learned a little and now have the CC membership; I know just enough to get frustrated, so I am on here to listen, read, learn! Thanks!

  • pratap parikh
    editing photo

    I use both, thoroughly enjoy LR and it has been a dream since I discovered it , Photoshop is for finer details, I like to add text to my images as well and I havent really found a way of doing this in LR so I use CS for that and other tweaks.

  • Snjolaug Maria Jonsdottir
    Hi everbody, I am a photoshopper
    satish ganwani

    Hi All i am satish ganwani and I am using Photoshop CS5 and I am creative designer and design webpage layout in photoshop.

  • V K R
    Restoration Artist
    Started by V K R 3 Replies
    Terry Sita

    I have done some restorations on old family photos, nothing real complicated, but very effective.

  • Michael Elliott
    Noise Reduction...

    I use topaz denoise in cs5 works fine

  • Donna Sharpe Robison
    Ok this is my pet peeve.
    Donna Sharpe Robison

    I understand that only you can decide focus . But if you look down at the bottom where PS analyze your photo. For two bright low contrast and stuff like that . It kills me it at the bottom it analyze my photo at in focus when I can see that it is not and or not in focus when I can see that it is . Or maybe I shoud get glasses. I turn that part off .

  • Xeena
    Started by Xeena 2 Replies
    linda reid

    Watermark on photo using Photoshop Elements 7? Just put the text in white on a new layer above the photo, and change the layer style to something like overlay or multiply, then adjust the layer's opacity until it looks right.

  • james wood
    Can Photoshop do more harm than good for the female image.
    Trilby Steinberger

    I think Photoshop is relatively benign compared to say, cosmetic surgery. I also think that just like cosmetic surgery, overdone Photoshop sticks out like the proverbial dogs testicles, and once it is overdone it gets pretty far removed from what the great unwashed consider 'attractive'. That is a fantastic little video! Thanks for sharing....

  • V K R
    Hi everyone, Happy New Year 2012 in advance.
    Started by V K R 1 Reply
    V K R

    I have started using Photoshop V.2 when I bought Umax scanner in 1992 and started my digital photo studio in 1995 in Muscat Oman. I have done and still doing plenty of Image editing, manipulation and restoration jobs. At present my residence in Pune India. Interested can visit my blog http://vk6foto.blogspot.com it has Marathi / English text. I welcome your comments and want to meet new friends. I have put some of the samples of Image Manipulation and Restoration in my album.

  • Andrew Charles Potts
    Masking in Photoshop
    Nazar Dhiab

    Try using "Quick Selection Tool". Right click the magic wand or simply press "w". use the tool like a brush.

  • Terry Cregan
  • Sabrina
  • Neil Potter
    How to get your photos/art noticed
    Brett Critchley

    People view my images but they also buy them, I'm more interested in the sales than the views. I sell my work through Dreamstime.com a photo stock website. It's free to join and it's a great place to learn, the editors do not just take on anything, rejections are the norm at the start for most but you learn fast. you can join here for free www.dreamstime.com/register-resi1429036 my portfolio I have neen working on is here to give you an idea of what I do www.dreamstime.com/BCritchley_info-resi1429036 good luck :-) Brett