article2279Kevin Harrington, Luke Duffield and Brett Gottula have developed the TriggerHappy Camera Remote with funding through the Kickstarter crowdfunding model. Through their Kickstarter Web site, the three young entrepreneurs have raised almost $150,000 from 2,503 backers, which exceeds their original goal of $25,000 by a factor of five.

Harrington, who is a photographer and software engineer, originated the idea to create a simple camera remote and an intervalometer that worked with a smartphone. After meeting Duffield, a mechanical engineer, and Gottula, an electrical engineer, Harrington started the project during 2011.

As Harrington stated in a recent interview on the Digital Trends Web site, “Traditional camera remotes have hard-to-use user interfaces, and limited capabilities due to the nature of the hardware. We leveraged iOS and Android to expand the capabilities of a camera remote. We’ve improved the way one controls his camera to take a simple shot, HDR image, and a time lapse. We’ve also introduced lightning detection, audio waveform detection, face detection, and motion detection.”

More information can be found on TriggerHappy’s Kickstarter Web page: