Copyright © 1995-2012 SAMSUNGSamsung has released three new interchangeable lens digital cameras in its NX line, the NX20, NX 210 and NX 1000. All three come with 20-megapixel sensors and built-in Wi-Fi capability.

Each new model serves a different market. The NX210 has a 3-inch AMOLED monitor with a suggested retail price of $899.99 and a projected ship date of mid-May 2012. The NX20 is also designed with the 3-inch AMOLED display, which has the additional functionality of swiveling from the camera body, and includes a SVGA electronic viewfinder. The NX20 will be released during early May at a price point of $1,099.99. The NX1000 is targeted at the casual photography market, with white, black and pink models. The release date and price for the NX1000 has not yet been announced.

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