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Knowing the best time for Landscape Photography can be a great asset for any Landscape Photographer. The amount of time in waiting for that perfect moment to be captured under the perfect lighting can be reduced or maximized depending on different scenarios. For sure, these tips can help you get more amazing images in a lesser amount of waiting time. You will become a smart photographer that uses more time to shoot than time to wait.

1.Understand the basics

Your best bets of time to take landscape photos are during the extreme hours of the day. The very early in the morning and the very late in the evening are the most amazing time to take landscape photos. This is the most basic thing that you should know when timing for your landscape shoots. The colors of the light in the start and end of the day are always changing in different hues, contrasts and saturations. Surely, no time will be wasted because you can experiment shooting these different colors that are naturally provide for you by the movement of the earth towards the day and the night. These are moments in landscape photography wherein all the magical shots are taken. The magic of sunrise and sunset in the horizon helps beautify the subject and intensify the colors. This time of the day also produces patterns in the sky that cannot be seen in the middle of the day. This is the perfect time to capture and experiment with the landscape photos that you take. Make sure that you mostly shoot early in the morning and late in the evening.

2.Understand the complexities

Of course, the time to take landscape photos is not only defined by the very early of the morning and the very late of the evening. This might be the basic concept but it changes depending on the setting. You have to open your mind in other possibilities as well. The more you change your shoot location, the more you should study the effect of light in specific times of the day. The effect of light may differ in various locations. Observe, learn, and take note so that the next time you visit the same location, you would know the perfect time to take the photos.

3.Understand the different scenarios in different settings

Since different settings require different timings, you have to take note of these following tips:

    •   When taking photos of the mountains, the best time to take the photo is sunrise on the east side and sunset on the west side.
    •   When taking photos of the hot springs, the best time is 10am to 2pm so that the sky would reflect perfectly.
    •   When taking photos of the trees and forests, the best time is one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset.
    •   When taking photos of the cityscape, the best time is one hour after sunset.
    •   When taking photos of the waterfalls and waterfalls with rainbows, the best time is before sunrise and after sunset and make sure that the sun is behind you.
    •   When taking photos of the northern light, the best time are the months of September and March.
    •   When taking photos of the sunrise or sunset, the best time is half an hour before sunrise and half an hour before sunset.

4.Shoot more and Save time

As a landscape photographer, you have to be able to rely on your experiences based on the different settings and locations that you have been to. Make sure that you take note of the best time for you to capture photos so that when you go back, you can maximize your shooting time and lessen the waiting time. Timing is important to capture the best photos in different landscapes. Make sure that you use it wisely.