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Photography is about telling stories and preserving memories. As photographers, we spend a lot of time -  and often money – learning to capture those memories in all their splendor. We put a lot of effort into making sure that we or our clients can relive those treasured moments vividly.

No matter how well you capture an image, though, viewing and printing it in a way that brings back all the emotion of the moment depends on consistent color matching. Have you ever emailed a photo to a friend only to have that person say that the colors seem washed out, or worse, sent images to a print house to have them come back with colors that don't look right? Prints that are too dark is also a common problem.  The most likely cause is a problem with your monitor's color calibration.

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No two monitors are alike, not even if the model number is the same. That means that you can fine-tune your images on your monitor, then display them on someone else's and see two very different images. So, how do you know that your monitor is the one that's right? How do you ensure that your printed images will match what you're seeing on your screen? The only way to be sure is with accurate color calibration.

Fortunately, making sure the colors you see are correct every time isn't as difficult as you might think. Thanks to the Spyder5 from Datacolor, you can ensure that your monitor colors are true in about 5 minutes. You'll be amazed at how easy the process is and the time you'll save in editing when you're done. You'll also find that your print colors match what you see on the screen much more closely, rather than requiring multiple adjustments and reprints. That means saving money on ink and paper as well as your valuable time.


Here's something else you may not know: monitor colors shift over time. That means that calibration isn't a one-time procedure. It's important to periodically check and re-calibrate your monitor. Spyder5 creates a profile for your monitor when you initially calibrate it, so checking and recalibrating can be done in about half the time!

Put simply, if your images are important to you and you want to reproduce them as you intend, this is an investment you can't afford not to make. There's a Spyder5 package to suit every photographer, from the serious hobbyist to the most discriminating professional.

Stop frustrating yourself and start getting the results you want from your efforts to preserve those memorable moments. Take a look at the short video below and then visit the Datacolor website to see everything this incredibly intelligent system can do and the difference it will make in your images.

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