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What's hot July 2015

What's hot July 2015

Once again, the staff members here at Photography Talk have combed the Internet and kept their ears to the ground to bring you the skinny on the newest, best and brightest gear available for photographers this month! We've done the legwork for you and I'm...

How to Fake the Bokeh of an Expensive Lens

How to Fake the Bokeh of an Expensive Le…

(via Serge Ramelli) No matter how you pronounce it, good bokeh is cool and can add tremendous impact to night portraits, nature shots and more. Unfortunately for the average photographer, getting really good bokeh in your shots often...

Time-Lapse: Is it Just Another Fad?

Time-Lapse: Is it Just Another Fad?

You don't have to spend much time searching to find time-lapse videos on the good-old Internet these days. There are thousands of them out there, ranging from beautifully choreographed astronomy and nature sequences to random videos of just about anything someone with a DSLR or...

5 Good Reasons to Own a 135mm Lens

5 Good Reasons to Own a 135mm Lens

When it comes to focal length choices, photographers have a variety of favorites, depending mostly on the kind of work they do. Some lenses are more popular than others and some focal lengths are regarded as industry standards in some cases; 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and...

22 Things You Never Want to Hear As a Photographer

22 Things You Never Want to Hear As a Ph…

Well get ready, because you are about to endure 22 of the goofiest and somewhat often heard remarks that photographers hear. 1. What kind of camera do you use? Oh, I have a better one. 2. Can you make me look a little younger/thinner?

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