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“I pause everything I do to learn about the latest tips and articles on PhotographyTalk,”

Guarav Sawn

“PhotographyTalk, it’s the international camera club for those who love photography,”

Bryan Peterson
World Famous Photographer and Author

"What I love about PhotographyTalk is the feeling that you're not on just another photography website. PT is a community that's every bit as passionate about photography as I am. And that's why I keep coming back for more."

Gavin Hoey
Photographer and Photography Teacher

“PhotographyTalk is a go to place for serious photographic news, discussion, updates, mentoring - you name it. It is current, on top of the trends, and, in the fast paced business known as digital photography, it is an essential site."

Joe McNally
National Geographic Photographer


PhotographyTalk helps photographers
tell amazing stories with their cameras

With the best resources that are loved by over 3 million photographers all over the globe, it’s everything you need to know
about photography at your fingertips.

We’re the “everything” resource for photographers who want to:

Take great pictures that capture the best vision they can
Tap into the expertise of successful photographers from all over the world
Get real-life lessons that teach you what you want to know
Understand their camera better and master their equipment
Shoot with real confidence
Get noticed for their photography
Make money doing what they love
Use their skills to set up a business or sell their shots

Impressive lessons and pointers
to use every time you shoot

At PhotographyTalk, we believe that everyone should be able to take great photos.

But how can you find the time or the money to become a better photographer… when it’s a hobby… you don’t know where to start... or when you’d rather be out shooting rather than reading?

Instead of spending hundreds on 10-week courses that take forever to pay off or digging through the same guides you’ve seen before, join a community of over 3 million inspired photographers with over 600+ in-depth lessons on everything you want to know.

Hi, I’m Alex Schult!
I’m the guy behind PhotographyTalk

I started PhotographyTalk 8 years ago with nothing but a DSLR and a dream.

I wanted to be a better photographer. The problem? I was frustrated by how every resource was either too time consuming or too expensive.

I wanted to find a resource that dove deep into the world of photography. A place that unearthed the pro pointers, covered the best equipment and had all those below-the-surface tricks that would lead the way to capturing the perfect shot.

I wanted to find a resource that taught it all from the mouths of the best in the world at what they do, professional photographers, but got the frustrations of the everyday photographer, too.

That’s when I had the idea of PhotographyTalk - a website that spreads the love of photography through bustling forums, world-class guides, in-depth video lessons you’ll love to use - and success interviews with the best photographers around.

Now, it's more than just a dream. Now we are the choice of great photographers.

We’ve published over 5,700 articles and have over 600+ lessons that make PhotographyTalk a world to get lost in, a place to discover hidden tips and talents... and the perfect resource for whatever kind of photographer you want to be.

We've led the way for photographers to capturing the perfect shots, perfecting their skill sets and even becoming professionals.

I can’t wait to show you
how much better life as a photographer can be.

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