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The HandlePod re-imagines the usual tabletop tripod into not just a camera support system but a grip for steadier videos handheld. The four-legged support can stand on a level surface by itself, but a four foot cord ramps up the versatility to ten, making it possible to wrap around telephone poles, fence posts, rounded surfaces and pretty much anything you can wrap the cord around. The system can even be used to turn a compact camera into a helmet camera.

When it's not being used, the grip folds down to a compact size and since it only weighs four ounces, you won't notice it in your bag. Both the size and versatility make the HandlePod a unique but highly flexible support -- and it costs less than $40.
Unfortunately, the HandlePod can't handle much weight -- the capacity tops out at 2.5 pounds. Still, for compact cameras or mirrorless cameras with pancake lenses, the HandlePod is worth the price.


  • Versatile with dual uses
  • Attaches to multiple surfaces with four foot cord
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Can't support cameras above 2.5 lbs

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