Vanguard Alta Rise 48


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Best Versatile Hiking Camera Backpack

Grade (Out of ten)

Comfort : 10
Organization : 8
Protection : 9
Features : 10
Price : 9
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Ever wish your camera bag had just a bit more room? With the Alta Rise 48, you can unzip for an extra six centimeters of space. Not much, but it helps seal the deal for a versatile backpack comfortable enough for even long hikes. That expanding capability is paired with the versatility of having space for both a tripod and a 15 inch laptop.

The 48, the largest backpack in the series, is designed to hold two DSLRs along with 3-5 lenses a flash and smaller accessories. All that weight is balanced out by an ergonomic strap system and waist belt, with mesh backing to prevent sweat on warm days. Access to gear is both through a large full access zipper and a smaller side access quick zipper that allows users to remove one strap and access the camera with an attached lens without completely removing the pack. Gear is protected with brightly colored interior padding and a full rain cover to pull over the outside in inclement weather.

The Vanguard Alta Rise 48 is a versatile, comfortable bag that can fit a lot of gear. Some users wish for more smaller pockets to better organize accessories -- while there's room for them, they aren't quite as well organized as the lenses and larger gear. Overall, the bag is comfortable and well made and a $160 price seals the long list of things to love.


  • Comfortable with ergonomic strap system
  • Holds tripod and laptop
  • Expandable


  • Fewer interior pockets than some bags
  • Bag Specs:

    • Weight : 4.19 pounds
    • Dimensions : Interior: 11.75 x (5.125 + 2.375) x 10.625 inches, Exterior 13.75 x 9.875 x 20.875 inches
    • Color : Black
    • Tripod Holder : Yes
    • Raincover : Yes
    • Laptop Sleeve : Yes, 15 inch
    • Other : Expandable

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