HoldFast Money Maker


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Best high-end leather camera strap for all-day wear

Grade (Out of ten)

Comfort : 9
Design : 10
Durability : 10
Features : 10
Price : 7
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Traditional camera straps are a literal pain in the neck, resting all the weight of your gear at the back of the neck. The Money Maker by Hold Fast, however, distributes the weight of the camera (or cameras) across a much wider area on the back and shoulders, making for a much more comfortable wear. Designed to hold two cameras, the system is designed for all day comfort even with larger gear because the design balances the two cameras, even when they don't weigh the same. With three different sizes, the system is custom designed to fit multiple body types. A third camera can also be added using the system's camera leash.

The Money Maker comes in a number of different materials, but all of them are high-end materials that are both durable and stylish. The "basic" version is still constructed with bridle leather and stainless steel hardware (though there is an even more affordable option that isn't crafted from animal products). Upgrades range from hand tooled, hand painted versions to genuine python skin construction.

Of course, like anything constructed from high-end leather, the Money Maker doesn't come cheap -- nylon based strap systems can offer similar comfort at a lower price, but definitely forgo a lot of the style of Hold Fast's high-end line. If you're looking for both comfort and style, the HoldFast Money Maker should be on your shortlist.


  • Criss cross straps evenly distribute weight on your back, not your neck
  • Beautiful leather design
  • Expandable to accommodate up to three cameras


  • Pricier than similar nylon straps

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