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The Sirui T-025X is one of the most affordable carbon fiber tripods on the market. The high quality materials allow the T-025 to weigh in at less than two pounds and fold down to under a foot, making it an excellent choice for travel. Despite the compact size, the tripod reaches a maximum height of 54.5 inches. For macro work, the tripod can sit at just 10.2 inches, so it's rather versatile. The T-025X also includes a counter weight hook--strapping your camera bag underneath offers additional stability by weighing the lightweight tripod down. The ball head also has separate knobs for panning and tilting for easier use.

While extremely lightweight, the portability of the T-025X does make some sacrifices to stability, with some users reporting some issues with shake in windy conditions. The leg sections are thin, particularly the bottom ones. Sirui does include ways to combat that--using the counter weight hook, keeping the center column low and keeping the thinnest leg sections folded will all help, but of course sacrificing some height. And at a 54.5 inch maximum height with everything extended, that may be rather uncomfortable for tall photographers. But, the Sirui T-025X is a remarkably small tripod that's also affordable for the carbon fiber construction and includes tools like the counter weight hook to improve the instability that often accompanies lighter tripods.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Versatile height range
  • Counter weight hook


  • Some minor instability from small size
  • Center column removable, but not collapsable
  • Tripod Specs:

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