We believe that everyone
should be able to take great photos.

So we actually did something about it!

We love photography. We love photographers.
Alex Schult
Founder & CEO of

So it pained us to see so many photographers trying to learn on their own and also to maintain their interest and energy despite all the obstacles they face.

That's why, about five years ago, we took action and created PhotographyTalk.

Over 2.4 million photographers worldwide
have jumped at the chance to join us!

Why so many and so fast?

As photographers ourselves, we truly understand the dreams you have, the frustrations you feel and the challenges you face. So we got to thinking: if we could create the ideal resource for photographers to use in order to learn and grow, what would it be like?
Here's what we decided:

PhotographyTalk should enlighten photographers
through articles, lessons, videos and guides.

So we've amassed thousands of insightful, targeted articles to keep you engaged on popular topics like landscape, portraits, composition, Photoshop, macro, stock photography–even starting and running a successful business–plus so much more!

PhotographyTalk should inspire photographers
through a worldwide photo gallery and video interviews.

Not only can you view countless photos from diverse photographers across the globe, you can also upload your own photos in a gallery that's viewed by millions,

What's more, you can participate in photo contests and win some unique prizes.

Plus, we offer videos featuring world-class photographers sharing their knowledge, techniques and artistic approaches. Learn what inspired them… what obstacles they encountered along the way… and how they ultimately triumphed to become the leading professionals they are today.

PhotographyTalk should connect photographers
through a comprehensive database of like-minded individuals.

We provide a way for photographers from literally everywhere to come together and learn from one another through forums and participation in various groups. With PhotographyTalk, you'll never be alone!

Get out there and make magic!

Our main mission is to help photographers take that next critical step, to remain inspired, and to have the desire to get out as often as they can with their cameras.

Remember, we serve all photographers from beginners to professionals. And we offer amazing resources and tools that will act as your compass in your photographic journey.

Take that all-important next step.

If you have a genuine desire to succeed at photography, whether your goals are simple or complex, we're here to help. To sign up for PhotographyTalk, please click here.

I love all the tips, it opens up the mind and makes you think outside the box!
Ashley R | Sturgis, South Dakota

Ashley R

After 25+years in the photography business, mostly on the developing & printing side, my career was ended by the click of a mouse. By the time I got over my bitterness and accepted digital, I was way behind. PhotographyTalk has been a huge help in allowing me to catch up.
Stephen D. | Leola, Pennsylvania

Stephen D.

PT has helped so much! I'm self taught I'm all aspects... everything with PT supports me in my photography education as well as business. Plus it reminds me of things that are forgotten and can implement them once again!
Heather L | Roy, Utah

Heather L

I've been behind a camera for over 35 years and trust me, you never stop learning. Thank you PhotographyTalk.
William L | Filer, Idaho

William L

PhotographyTalk knows me. When I have un-answered questions or struggle with certain areas of photography, they consistently post just what I need to see. The advice and guidelines are always point. It's impossible for me not to learn something new everyday from PhotographyTalk!
Crystal G | Nipomo, California

Crystal G

I love PhotographyTalk! I'm an amateur photographer, the tips and articles have helped me get better!
Maura W | Orlando, Florida

Maura W

PhotographyTalk has helped tremendously and given me the opportunity to look behind the curtain, otherwise known as the “User’s Manual.” When I got my new Nikon, I was up to speed in no time thanks to PT.
Paul D | Phoenix, Arizona

Paul D

Clearly it has been 'for me' the best learning site. Everything I need to learn is right there, a click away! Thank You PhotographyTalk!
Manon T | Quebec, Quebec City

Manon T

PhotographyTalk is a must read every day! It is THE source for tips, information and helpful ideas that never fail to help me be a better photographer. Its the real deal!
Joseph C | St Clair Shores, Micigan

Joseph C

Thank You Photographytalk for helping me express myself through the lens of the camera. Keep posting good stuff!
Jidida F | North Charleston, South Carolina

Jidida F