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iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk Review

 DSC6211 ThermoTread Console RightSizeMat 1200x875 1

For those of us that work long days in the office, having a standing desk is all but a necessity.

As research has shown, having a standing desk has a host of health benefits, not the least of which is a lesser risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, low back pain, and lower extremity circulatory issues. 

But now many standing desk manufacturers are venturing into new territory by offering active desk options.

I got my hands on one such desk - the iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk - and offer my hands-on review below.

iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk Overview

The iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk starts at $2,648. Add in a SteadyType® Keyboard Tray that allows you to type as you walk, and the price increases to $2,923. This is the option I chose (shown above). Less expensive models are available from iMovR but this is the most state-of-the-art system on the market today.

This desk comes with a multitude of options. Choose from 16 different color choices (including cherry, maple, and mahogany) for the desktop, three different colors (black, white, and silver) for the base, and various desk widths from 41-inches to 83-inches.

The desk is equipped with an electric lift that raises or lowers the desk at a rate of 1.6-inches per second and can lift up to 360 lbs (including the desktop).

Using the sleek height-control paddle, you can double-tap the up or down arrow to move the desk to the next height - of which you can program four favorites per user. The high-resolution display shows the height of the desk with great precision (to 1/10th of an inch).

Alternatively, as shown in the video above, you can control the height of the desk by connecting your smartphone to the controller's Bluetooth transceiver and using an app to adjust the height of the desk with a single tap of the screen. If you have multiple users sharing the same desk, they can each store their own preferences in the app and sync to the desk in seconds from the moment they walk up to it.

The standard Lander Treadmill Desk ranges in height from 24.5-inches to 50.5-inches, and with optional leg extenders (which I opted to purchase), the height is increased by another six inches. This is particularly useful for tall folks like myself who can’t find any other standing desk that can go high enough for them - even if they stand atop a treadmill base that adds 5” to their height.

Build Quality & Warranties


The iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk (and all iMovR desks, for that matter) are made in the USA using high-quality materials and precision robotics automation. When unboxing the desk components, it's clear that time and care were taken not only to construct the various parts, but that they were designed with comfort and longevity in mind as well.

That includes 3D-laminated tops that improve the durability of the desktop to stand up to daily uses and abuses in the office. They look great, too.

The desktops are created using precision Computer Numerical Control equipment and are hermetically sealed with Surf(x) 3D lamination.

In other words, the process used to create the desktop ensures that it provides superior performance over other desktops, including offering enhanced protection from moisture damage and warping.

The corners and edges of the desktop are contoured to create a beautiful look, and are ergonomically designed to improve comfort.

The desktop comes with a five-year warranty while the motors, electronics, and base have a 10-year warranty. iMovR offers a 100-day 100% satisfaction guarantee as well. This is the best warranty I’ve ever seen on a desk you can order online, and a good reflection on their made-in-America quality.


The iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk is not lightweight. For the stability and reliability needed to work well with an office treadmill, it has a lot of extra steel in it to lower its center of gravity and minimize any shaking of the desk from your own sway as you walk. It weighs between 100 and 130 pounds depending on the size of your order.

Yet this trusty desk comes 98 percent assembled. In fact, it is the only standing desk you can buy that doesn’t require any tools to assemble it.

That's because the desk's frame and leg sockets come pre-attached to the desk. The control paddle is attached as well, and all the cables are in place, too.

As you can see in the video above, the assembly process takes just a few minutes from the time you unbox the components to the time you begin using the desk. No other standing desk can claim such an easy assembly process.

Treadmill Ease of Use

As noted earlier, the height of the Lander desk can be raised or lowered with a simple double-tap on the control panel or via an app.

The treadmill is just as easy to use, with a full-color, touchscreen display that sits neatly on the desktop. There's no membrane keys to mess around with on this desk.

The display of the ThermoTread GT treadmill base displays all sorts of helpful data, like walking speed, time, distance, and calorie burn. You can track your statistics whether you're walking, standing, or sitting, too. It even has a pomodoro timer in it to remind you when to take breaks for hydration or to change to a sitting or standing position.

Since I have my Lander Treadmill Desk set up in my home office, I only needed to create one user profile. However, in offices with multiple workers, up to five profiles can be created to track fitness. 

SteadyType® Keyboard Tray

 DSC2181 CascadeXT CloveMahogany SteadyTypeCU 1

Whether standing or walking on the treadmill, the SteadyType® keyboard tray is a must-have.

To improve comfort and ergonomics, the tray allows you to set your keyboard at steeper angle than you can get with a conventional keyboard tray designed for sitting use—these usually max at 15 degrees. That’s great if you’re in an armchair but supporting your arms at a 90-degree angle while standing or walking at a desk can become tiresome.

Technically iMovR’s patented SteadyType® tray can adjust up to 85 degrees, but most users will find that 25 to 40 degrees is the most comfortable and practical (steeper if they can touchtype). These steeper angles are more ergonomically neutral, minimizing strain on the arms and wrists and helping to minimize tension in the shoulders and neck.

The tray is rock stable, too, with far less monitor shake as you type as compared to any other kind of keyboard tray. That means less stress on your eyes as they don't have to constantly reacquire focus on the screen.The stability of the tray also improves typing accuracy, that way you can complete tasks faster and more efficiently as well.

Built-In Health Coach

If you're the kind of worker that gets really involved in what you're doing, the Lander desk’s built-in health coach is a great feature.

You can specify when to be reminded to stand, and the notifications to do so aren't jarring, either.

In fact, when it's time to move, the controller slowly pulses in a soothing color, or you can set the reminder to send a push notification to your phone.

Setting up the notifications is easy, too. Do so from the smartphone app or program them using one of the three hidden buttons on the control paddle.

What's more, iMovR's engineers have future-proofed this technology, so new features can be added in the future to help enhance your health and fitness even more.

iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk: Pros and Cons

imovr lander treadmill

I've written before about my personal experience with my iMovR desk, and in that article, I expound on the desk's best features.

From a purely practical point of view, there are a number of benefits of the iMovR Lander Desk that cannot be overlooked:

  • Easy assembly in minutes
  • Durable components, with the entire desk made in the USA (the treadmill base is made in Taiwan to American quality standards, not China)
  • Smartphone app integration via BlueTooth
  • Built-in health coach

Of these benefits, many people will appreciate the ease of assembly the most. When iMovR says that you can put the desk together in just a couple of minutes, they aren't kidding.

Personally, I like the health coach the most. When I get lost in my work, I can sit for hours on end. Having a gentle reminder to stand or walk on the treadmill has greatly reduced the incidence of a sore neck, shoulders, and back. (Studies have shown that users are likely to stand 117% more simply by using this reminder feature, and even more if they make use of an anti-fatigue mat.)

Not everything is perfect, though, and the iMovR Lander Desk is no exception. The biggest disappointments include:

  • Only offered in 30-inch depth
  • Only offered in rectangular shape

Granted, this list of cons is a little nitpicky, and I've been told by iMovR that more size and shape options for the desktop are going to be offered shortly, including a plethora of L-desk designs and 30 real wood solid slab desktop options.

While iMovR does make less expensive desks, including 24”-deep compact models, the 30” depth is necessary if using with a treadmill base.

Final Thoughts

imovr lander treadmill desk review

I've had a couple of months with my iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk, and so far, I'm even more pleased than I thought I would be.

From a health and fitness standpoint, having a desk that actually reminds me to stand or walk, and having easy-to-use controls is something I really appreciate.

The big, bright ThermoTread GT display is also nice, that way I can quickly see what my fitness stats are without taking my attention away from my work.

I also appreciate the fact that these desks are made in the US, and that the design and manufacturing processes are dialed in to create a beautiful, durable desk that will stand the test of time.

Yes, this desk requires a significant monetary investment. But after just a couple of months, that investment has already more than paid off.

Learn more about the iMovR Lander Standing Desk

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Setting Up an Ideal Photography Workspace

setting up an ideal photography workspaceImage Credit: Cecilie_Arcurs via iStock

I've been in the photography business for a while now, and I've learned my fair share of tricks and shortcuts along the way to make my time spent at work more efficient.

One of the things that's been vital to me having the most productive day possible is setting up an ideal photography workspace - not just a place where I edit family photos on the weekend, but a place where I can talk with clients and do the heavy lifting of running a photography business.

Something I learned very early on is that the type of workspace you create can profoundly impact your state of mind when it comes to work.

When your workspace is organized and functional, a lot can get done in a day. When it's a cluttered mess, well, the opposite is usually the case.

woman using computer and mobile phone at desk picture id596568595Image Credit: Morsa Images via iStock

There are a lot of components of having an ideal photography workspace - good lighting, peace and quiet, a nice, big monitor to see your work, and so forth.

But far and away the most important aspect of my workspace has been my desk.

About 10 years ago, I decided to invest in a tried-and-true (and very expensive) Workrite sit-stand desk.

At the time, this thing was considered the Rolls Royce of ergonomic desks. But it was time for a change.

In thinking about my experience with Workrite, I kept coming back to how incredibly difficult it was to put that desk together.

I love working with my hands and know my way around a toolbox, but that desk still required about four hours of my life to put together. It was a frustrating experience, to say the least.

imovr lander desk 2

So when I began looking for a new desk, one of the primary features I had to have was something that was easy to put together.

That brought me to iMovR.

I'd heard about iMovR before, but I'll admit - I was skeptical about the quality of a desk that costs less than a thousand dollars.

But all the feedback I got from people in the industry pointed to iMovR as being a slam-dunk as far as a great desk goes, so I pulled the trigger and got the iMovR Treadmill Desk with Steady Type.

All told, the desk cost just under $3,000, but I can tell you that just a few weeks in, it was the best three grand I've spent in a long time.

Right out of the box, you can see the commitment that iMovR has to quality and craftsmanship. As a proud veteran, it warmed my heart to see the difference in quality between this high-tech, 100% American-made desk and the cheap Chinese-made desks that are heavily advertised online.

Each piece fit together perfectly without any fuss or muss on my part. In fact, these things show up 98-percent assembled. You don't even need any tools to put it together!

And where my Workrite desk consumed an entire afternoon to put together, I had the iMovR completed in less than 10 minutes.

p1130618 lander steadytype clovemohogany black 71x30 treadmill leftprops aky

Yep - you read that right! I put this desk together in just minutes. That fact alone was worth the price of admission!

I'm a tall guy, so I ordered leg extensions with my desk. Even factoring in the time it took to put the extensions on, I was still done within half an hour. In other words, there is no comparison between this iMovR desk and my old Workrite desk.

Aside from the fact that this thing was super easy to put together, something else that I appreciate about it is that it's loaded for bear with features and options.

You can choose from hundreds of size and color combinations as well as different types of desks - get a standard desktop or one with iMovR's patented SteadyType keyboard tray (shown below), which gives you the utmost in typing comfort, ergonomics, and stability.

 dsc2181 cascadext clovemahogany steadytypecu

The Lander desk also has an easy-to-use control paddle for height adjustment (you can even raise and lower it remotely via a smartphone app!) as well as a built-in health coach that helps you remember when it's time to change positions throughout the workday.

lander controller clovemahogany 3

If you get the desk and treadmill combination, you get the benefit of being able to walk while you work, which is a great third alternative to just sitting or standing all day.

On top of all that, iMovR offers a 100-day satisfaction guarantee on all their products, so if for some reason you aren't as blown away by this desk as I am, you can return it.

As for warranty coverage iMovR leads the industry with their ten year warranty on the base and five years on the desktop, a reflection of their quality American-built componentry.

imovr lander desk 1

I've paired my iMovR Lander desk with a Herman Miller Embody desk chair that's the height of comfort.

Seriously...I've had two desk chairs over the course of the last decade, and both of them have been Herman Miller Embody chairs.

Like the iMovR desk, this chair has smart features that make you uber comfortable while you work, including a design that helps distribute pressure, provide support, and facilitate natural alignment of your body.

In other words, I think I have the perfect photography workspace. I have a smart desk that allows me to sit, stand or even walk while I work. I have an awesome desk chair that cradles my body while I'm consulting with clients. I have a quiet, well-lit office space that I actually really love.

And all those things make the fact that I'm in my office 12+ hours a day a much more enjoyable experience!

But don't take my word for it...

Check out the videos throughout the article to see the iMovR Lander desk in action to see how amazing this desk is for yourself!

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This One Decision Changed the Way I Work as a Photographer

benefits of an active deskImage Credit: Jacob Ammentorp Lund via iStock 

Okay, truth be told I've made a lot of decisions over the years that have changed how I work as a photographer.

Some of those decisions were, shall we say, not good...

But I'm happy to say that other decisions I've made along the way have improved my ability to get things done easier and faster.

This year marks a very important anniversary in my life - the anniversary of one such really good decision.

I'm not talking about my wedding anniversary, either (but that was a VERY good decision...).

Instead, it's been ten years since I started using an ergonomic desk in my office, and of all the choices I've made in my professional life, outfitting my office with an ergonomic desk is definitely at the top of my best-decisions-ever-made list.

latino businessman works at standing computer desk at home picture id856780720Image Credit: DNY59 via iStock

As has been widely documented over the years, having an ergonomic or active desk has a multitude of health benefits.

Rather than sitting all day - which increases your risk of weight gain and diabetes - standing helps stave off fatigue, lower the risk of heart disease, reduce lower back pain, improve circulation in the lower extremities and even extend your lifespan.

I can attest to the fact that once I moved to an ergonomic desk, I found myself with much better energy, far less lower back pain, and improved cognition, too.

I don't sleep much, so if I'm sitting at my desk in the afternoon, I feel incredibly sluggish and tired. But once I switched to a standing desk, that afternoon slump was mitigated to a great degree.

The desk I bought ten years ago was a Workrite L-shaped sit-stand desk.

It has served me well over the last decade and has helped me be more productive (and comfortable) throughout the workday.

But I wanted to add another desk to my office to serve as my editing workstation, and this time, I wanted to try something new.

Don't get me wrong - my Workrite desk has been great (apart from the hours and hours it took to put it together). But things have changed in the active desk market over the last 10 years and there was something else I wanted to try.

IMG 1728

So, about two months ago, I ordered an iMovR Lander desk.

Actually, I ordered it together with an iMovR ThermoTread GT office treadmill, making it a Lander Treadmill Desk System.

As far as being active while you work goes, adding the ability to walk slowly at your desk is the perfect complement to standing, and yes, even sitting--all at the same workstation. In the ideal regime you don’t spend too many time doing any one of those things, but rather switch it up every hour or two (it takes seconds to transition from sitting to standing to walking) for optimal health and productivity.

At typical desk walking speeds of 1 to 2 mph (cardio walking is 3.1 mph in comparison), and especially with the built-in SteadyType ergonomic keyboard tray option I ordered with my Lander desk, there is no measurable loss of typing proficiency, no sweating, just increased oxygen flow to the brain.

I found that it is easiest and best to start my day standing, then switch to walking after an hour or two, and then relax my legs and my core for an hour or two while sitting. Rinse and repeat.

IMG 3356

On top of that, my knees feel so much better and no longer make those creaking sounds that started to happen once I hit my 40s...

What's so great about this desk is that it's loaded for bear with features.

For starters, there are hundreds of size and color combinations so you can customize how your desk looks to fit your personal aesthetic.

Secondly, I ordered my desk with iMovR's patented SteadyTypeⓇ keyboard tray (shown below), which offers a supremely stable base for my keyboard and an incredibly comfortable typing experience while I work.

My desk also has a control paddle that makes height adjustments a breeze. Speaking of a breeze, I can even raise or lower my desk via a smartphone app!

iMovR has also incorporated elements that make the desk a more active member of your health routine.

For example, my Lander desk has a built-in health coach that gives me reminders to change position throughout the day.

IMG 0064

Anyone that knows me understands that I can get lost in my work, and before I know it I've been working for several hours straight without a break.

But with my new Lander desk, I'm reminded periodically to change positions, and my body feels so much better as a result. My home office is so much better now that I have this desk!


iMovR even offers a 100-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you pick one of these bad boys up and don't like it, no worries!

I'm here to tell you that you'll love it, though...

In fact, from moment one you'll be in love because these desks come 98-percent assembled. That means you can have it set up within a matter of minutes (it took me about 10 minutes) without the use of any tools.

On top of all that, consider this - iMovR offers a ten-year warranty on the base of the desk and a five-year warranty on the desktop.

That tells you something about the quality of the product and the American-built components they use to build these desks.

They are rock-solid, beautifully made right here in the U.S., and incredibly durable. My iMovR desk has become an integral component of my home office, and it will remain as such for years and years to come!

I know I'm gushing here, but there's good reason.

Those of us that have jobs that require tons of computer time know how difficult it is to sit all day long.

And while standing part of the day certainly helps, I cannot express how much of a difference having the option to walk while I work has made.

My iMovR desk is helping to keep me fit, stay on task, and think more clearly, especially as the day drags on, and it can do the same for you! Check out the options iMovR has for your office.

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