Tips for beginner eos 70d camera

1 year 1 week ago #724806 by draziw
Hey, im doing a school project for uni. Im new to photography, never touched a camera before and i need to
take some photos in different settings on the camera. I was at the
hospital at the start of the school so i missed all the information,
tips and tricks from my professor.

So Im mostly googling and watching
youtube videos to learn. But since i know 0 beforehand its alot cause i
also need to learn photoshop and the lighroom at the same time. I know
html, javascript and python at a decent level since ive studied it
before but media im completely new. Not even used instagram for example,
only shots ive taken are snapchat photos , lol...

So in the EOS 70D I need to complete this:
Low depth of field picture
High depth of field picture
And a photo like this:

I dont know if its called depth of field in english but, its what google translate said :P
Remember im completely new, ive basically just learned how to check how to use auto focus.
So any recommendations,settings, tips and tricks would be highly appriciated.


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1 year 1 week ago #724816 by LensofNature
Hi Draziw,

Low depth of field picture
High depth of field picture
And a photo like this:

I'm sorry to hear you were at the hospital when the assignment was given.  You obviously are very motivated and resourceful.  

For the depth of field, I would recommend setting your camera to Aperture Priority.  Aperture (the size of the opening in the camera's lens) is measured in f-stops.  A low depth of field would mean most of the foreground and background of your subject would be blurred, with very little of your subject in focus.  The aperture is measured in f-stops.  The larger the f-stop number, the larger the depth of field.  The lower the f-stop number, the lower the depth of field.  This may sound contradictory and confusing, but think of it in terms of fractions.  One half is less than one; one quarter is less than half.  So if you have a large aperture (opening), the bottom part of that fraction is going to be larger that a smaller aperture.  For example, if you set your aperture to 1.8, you will have a shallow, or narrow, depth of field.  If you set it to f/18, you will have a large depth of field in which tmost, if not all, the subject, foreground and background will be in focus.  By setting the camera to aperture priority, you can select the aperture while the camera calculates the shutter speed (how long the light enters the camera, measured in seconds (either a fraction or whole number depending on how long the shutter speed is), as well as the ISO (the digital sensor's degree of sensitivity to light.  

From the attached picture, it looks as if your professor wants you to show the effects of motion blur, which is determined by the shutter speed, as well as whether or not you are panning the subject (moving your camera as the subject moves).  For this part of the assignment, you want to select TV or Shutter Priority Mode, where you select the shutter speed and the camera determines aperture and ISO.  A slow shutter speed (e.g. 1/8 sec) will produce motion blur, while a fast shutter speed (e.g. 1/1000 sec will freeze action.  It's important to know that hand-held shots with less than 1/500 sec will cause camera shake and thus cause motion blur, so the lower the shutter speed, the more likely the need for a tripod. 

I hope this helps. I wish you the best of luck in your assignment! 

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