Canon T8i vs 90D - and which lens!?

10 months 6 days ago #721527 by Arseling
I am looking to upgrade from my old Canon Rebel T3i and I am torn on which camera to go with.  
In general- Video quality is not important to me and if I ever print anything- 16x20 would be the largest.  
I am trying to choose between the T8i and 90D - or if you think the x7i would be adequate- I am all ears for the price.  
I don't mind spending more on a lens vs using the stock lens it comes with. My current go to lens is the Canon 17-85 F/4-5.6 I love it and when the first one broke- I replaced it with the exact same thing.  However- the 2nd one has broke as well.  I would love a recommendation for a similar lens to this one.  I used it for snap shots, action shots, some landscape (I do have a zoom lens for better landscape) and close ups of foliage etc.  
Any advice would be so helpful.  I am in way over my head right now.  

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9 months 2 weeks ago #722573 by Roy Wilson
I would go with the 90D, but have you considered buying used?  You can get pretty good deals through MPB or KEH.  And you get a warranty with these companies.   

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9 months 3 days ago #723448 by dhrep
I bought a 90D a about 16 months ago. I'm happy with it. I tried looking for used, at the time there were none to be had.

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