BESELER and Vivitar enlargers and a box of accessories

1 week 1 day ago #639636 by IZ
Hi Everyone,

As I mentioned in my first post I occasionally come across discarded photo equipment.Would like to
learn more about it and in the process find people who might be interested in any of it. Would like to earn a few bucks in the process if possible, but just keeping stuff away from the landfill and giving it
a second life makes me happy too.

So... The other day I picked up two photo enlargers and a box of accessories. I am trying to learn more about all these pieces. In particular, which of the accessories go with which enlarger and what are
the "orphaned" ones used for.

1. BESELER 23C Series II Universal Colorhead Darkroom Enlarger
2. Vivitar Enlarger E32

Both appear to be functional, or at least, don't have any obvious signs of damage.

Photos are posted here . Can post more photos if needed. Also, I will try answering any questions to the best of my ability.

Thank you!

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