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Up for sale is a Ultimate Red one MX camera. This iconic Digital Film Camera is a proven and capable piece of professional equipment. With 930 hours, it has gone through enough testing to show that it is capable, and can work for thousands of hours in the future. 
What is included are:
A Rokinon Cine Nikon Mount set!
8mm, 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm Prime 6 Lenses
Cine Gears wireless follow focus, three motors! 
O'connor 50d fluid head and tripod
5” RED Monitor with LCD/EVF cable
RED DIGITAL CINEMA VMOUNT RED BRICK DUAL POWER PACK. with 3x RED 153w BRICKS plus two other batteries and a pelican case. 
RED Pro Matte Box w/Top and Bottom Flags : GREAT CONDITION
2 RED Universal Mount - 19mm SKU#1060886
O'Connor 50 Fluid Head + Peter Lisand Tripod - Great Condition
RED One Cradle – V-Mount Battery / Hard Drive Holder
RED Digital Cinema 5" Noga Articulating Arm 
RED Digital Cinema 7" Noga Articulating Arm 
RED Quick Release Platform (BOLT-ON) 
RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC Universal Mount (19mm)
2 12" 19mm CARBON FIBER Black Rods
4 18" Length 19mm Rods Black Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Rail 
RED EVF Electronic Viewfinder For The RED ONE 
2 pen microphones
And other small accessories such as the red mag reader, nuts, cables, cheese plates, and the PL mount front for the RED ONE camera.
It has always been well handled with care and maintained properly.
Asking Price: USD$4500 shipped
Interested please kindly contact me via mail
iansas91 at gmail dot com

Thank you for looking.

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