Where to go from Nikon D7200?

2 years 8 months ago #528412 by mo7ablp7
Hello everyone,
A month ago I just got my first DSLR, I've been doing iPhoneography for quite a long time now and decided to go for a pro cam so I got the D7200. I'm pleased with the outcome and everything but I feel like a full-frame camera can do better, am I correct? It's crop sensor and full-frame will provide better image quality, bigger sensor, more light,... I think after a year or two I might make the move anyway.

My thoughts were sell the D7200 now, while it's still new and before I invest in lenses, add more money and get a full frame camera. I also think the Canons are more popular? Not that I care though - I like the Canon grip and Zoom in being just behind the shutter and ISO control being in the same area and not all the way to the left where I would require my left hand as well to shoot.

The main criteria is full-frame, image quality, Wi-Fi (yes, big deal) in that price range, maybe a bit higher. I can buy secondhand, it's fine by me, but let me know what to check for.

My style of shooting is around 14mm-50mm (full frame calculations) which translates to 10mm-30mm on crop so ultra wide, wide, street, some portraits, social media photography.

Any help?
I thought of the Canon 6D, but I have no clue yet, it's a bit old.

Thanks in advance,

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2 years 5 months ago #542601 by effron
A used D810 (Nikon) should be had for a good price now....

Why so serious?
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2 years 5 months ago #542687 by garyrhook
A) "Popular" is irrelevant. You want a camera that makes sense to you, and that you don't want to put down. I know that might sound a bit odd coming from a mobile phone, but it matters. Go to a store and look at Sony, Canon and Nikon and decide which system you want (or want to stay with) before you buy anything.

Oh, and you might try auto-ISO.

2) As for image quality, any larger sensor is going to be an improvement over a mobile phone in any almost every lighting condition. So you may not really know what you're looking for there. The D7200 is no exception, and has good low-light performance.

C) If you decide to stick with Nikon, you can purchase FX lenses for that body, and you would lose nothing when you decided to change over. Your investment in glass will be sound. I guess that same is true of Canon.

D) That said, a D610, D810, D750, used or new, are all good bodies.

It sounds as if you're chasing an idea, not a specific goal, though. I would encourage you to rent a body (a D610, e.g.) and try it out for several days, and compare what it can do with what you have.

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2 years 4 months ago #547181 by Shadowfixer1
You won't see a dramatic leap in image quality by just buying a full frame camera or a different brand. Concentrate on your skills and processing to see dramatic improvements. Can gear help? Yes, but only if used to take advantage of it's strengths. In 80% of situations you won't see a difference especially if you print the images. Perfect your skills, then worry about the gear.  

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2 years 2 months ago - 2 years 1 month ago #556456 by Mike Rogers
www.rubycamera.com/ found this one here using a new price comparison tool that just came out.

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