Which camera should I buy?

2 years 5 months ago #539779 by [email protected]
Ok I know this topic has been posted many, many times but most of them are not the cameras I'm looking for, at least I don't think they are. I don't know. So yeah I'm looking for a camera and I'm not new to the world of photography, but I have never owned anything more than a cheap and simple point-and-shoot camera with very limit customizations (and a smartphone). 

I mainly take pictures as a hobby, but would still like to increase my skills on them. The types of photos I'm into would be macros, portraits, and landscapes (though not as much). I wouldn't say that I'm a beginner per se, but I don't think I'm an intermediate either. I've been reading articles about photography and learning from them. I understand and know how ISO, shutter speed, and aperture works too. Oh and any suggestions for a lens would also be nice.

I was thinking about either canon M5 or sony a6000. 

I have a budget of under $800. anything over would be too much. Thank you guys in advance.

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2 years 5 months ago #539792 by KCook
The price for the a6000 should be much lower than the Canon M5. For landscape I would prefer the Canon, but a M3, M6, 200D, 700D, or 750D would also work.

I used to shoot landscapes with a Canon, but have now switched to Micro Four Thirds (Olympus and Panasonic). Which will fit your budget, especially if you can consider cameras that are used instead of new.

Kelly Cook

Canon 50D, Olympus PL2

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