80D vs X-T2?

1 year 1 month ago #597372 by Adelga
So I'm looking to buy my first camera mainly to shoot landscape and some high speed activity, so far I've been borrowing my friend's X-T2 camera.My situation is:
  1. Buy a new 80D body only for $850 or $920 with kit.
  2. Buy a (still good) used X-T2 body only for $940.
I have around $1300 budget, should i buy an 80D and spend the rest on prime lens, or buy a used X-T2 with kit lens (around $240 used, $332 new)?I won't have more budget for lenses in about half a year and i'm planning to use this camera body for about 3 years.Thank you for the help everyone.

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1 year 1 month ago #597882 by Shadowfixer1
Determine which system you would prefer to move forward. Don't look at just a body or a lens. Look down the line and decide which system you would prefer to use 5 years from now. If you think you would actually like to move to full frame in the future, then get the Canon and add full frame glass along the way. Full frame lenses will work just fine on the 80D. If you don't care about full frame and prefer to shoot jpg instead of RAW, then go with the Fuji. Fuji has great color for skin tones in my opinion. Canon color science is also highly thought of and preferred by many. The main thing is decide on a system as changing systems is expensive. Flashes, remote cords, batteries, etc. all have to change with a system swap.

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1 year 1 month ago #598063 by KCook
Excellent points by Shadowfixer1 :thumbsup:

I have a little experience with the Canon 50D and Fuji X-T20.  Without getting into the weeds too much, I think a Canon is easier for a beginner to get comfortable with than a Fuji.  Fuji generally has the better lenses, which can make a difference for serious landscape work.  Too bad the Fuji lenses are more expensive too (no free lunch).  You can examine high rez images from the Canon lenses that interest you to see if they are sharp enough.  One unique advantage for Fuji is their film simulations and other JPG controls.  But this applies only to JPGs, where RAW images are concerned I prefer working with Canon RAWs.

I have no experience with high speed work, but I would put my bet on Canon for that.

If I had the budget Fuji would be very tempting.  But I would go with a X-E2(s) instead of the X-T2.  The controls are different and the X-E2 just suits my style of shooting better.

As Canon is expected to launch a whole new mirrorless line within a year their APS-C DSLR line is really being overshadowed by that.  Still very good cameras (as DSLR go), just feels like they are teetering toward extinction.  Of course Fuji has a much, much smaller market share than Canon.  But the demand for Fuji is steadily growing.  No big lurch on their horizon.

What I have actually ended up with is M4/3 (Olympus and Panasonic).  Generally better lenses than Canon APS-C at prices lower than Fuji.

rambling Kelly

Canon 50D, Olympus PL2

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