Looking for advice: Panasonic Lx10/15 or Canon G7X MII: audio and stabilization

1 year 9 months ago #606681 by vincintosh
Good morning everyone, I'm looking for a compact camera and this seemed the best place to ask some advice. So, I'm still trying to decide whether to buy a Panasonic Lx10/15 or a Canon G7X MII.
I've looked at some samples and in my opinion they both take great pictures, so picture-wise I think they should be equivalent. Some people on youtube say the G7XMII captures some slightly more significative chromatic aberration, but I can't actually see it in sample shots I've found around the web nor I've found similar infomation regarding the Lx10 in order to compare them.
What I'm mainly looking for, though, is video capabilities. I'm not interested in 4K since I don't even want to imagine how hard it is to edit. Also, I want to record at 60fps, so really the 4K capabilities of
the Lx10 is not a plus for me. What I'm really interested in is the audio quality and the stabilization capabilities.

For audio I'm not expecting anything special from the internal mics, but I want something decent since you cannot plug in an external mic. Now, I really love the G7XMII picture quality and stabilization, but I realized that the G7XMII audio really sucks (sounds very muffled, like you're talking to someone on the phone), to the point that my OnePlus 5 almost records better audio (not to mention that I could plug an external microphone into it). I've also seen that people use to stick a windscreen thing on the  microphone and I've seen it improving the audio quality, not only because it reduces the noise, but also because the owner's voice actually sounds a bit better and less muffled. I would like to know if my first impression actually resembles reality or there's something I'm missing. Does the audio really suck that much or can you tweak the settings a little bit and/or equalize it in post production to make it
sound a little more decent?

On the other hand the Lx10 audio sounds way better, it's more "stereo-ish", has a wider dynamic range and it's way more clear: it sounds like you're actually recording in 2018 instead of 2008. But its
stabilization is very poor: I see people recording while walking and the footage is shaky, everything trembles, it looks like the lens is about to detach from the camera. I don't know if this is due to people recording in 4K (maybe 1080p is better stabilized) or if it is really the best that the camera can do.

Color-wise, I like the G7XMII colors more, but I guess you can tweak the Lx10 settings to make it look a bit warmer and more saturated.

Any suggestions from owners and/or experts is very appreciated. Thank you for your time

P.S.: of course there would be the option to buy a RX100MV or MIV but it is way out of my budget

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