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2 months 1 week ago #630373 by Auctioneer45
I’m an auctioneer who specializes in selling real estate and smaller high value items in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. I need a camera upgrade. I was using a Nikon but it has finally failed. I hired a pro photographer for the bigger ticket items. I decided that I want to learn the art of photography better and take pictures of everything that I auction. I’m currently using my iPhone camera which leaves a lot to be desired. I want to get a Cannon because I like the feel of them and they operate with most lenses.

The three situations that I find myself most in.

1. Outside pictures or houses.
2. Inside pictures of houses where lighting isn’t always the best.
3. Smaller items such as jewelry from about a foot away.
4. Small item close ups where I want to have the clarity and definition.
5: Mobile house tour videos.
6. I use simulcast can bid on their computer against a live crowd. I would love if this camera could also do that. I’m willing to purchase a specialized camera for this if needed.

I want to study photography this year and work my way into being as skilled as a professional at some point. I’m essentially looking for a camera that I won’t out grow but also one that doesn’t have features that I don’t need. I’m looking for an all action system with as few lenses and such as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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