Did Apple ax their creative department for FCPX support?

1 week 17 hours ago #728072 by NickSano
I recently started with FCPX during last 6 months and was told I could call 866-752-7753 with any questions I have.  As of last week, you can't reach anyone at that number anymore.  It prompts you to enter a case number.  And there is no way around it.  

Kind of sucks, had I known this, I wouldn't have bought.  

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1 week 16 hours ago #728073 by Nikon Shooter
There are plenty of resources and forums on the web
for that very popular software, Nick!  :P

Light is free… capturing it is not!
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1 week 11 minutes ago #728130 by Dan Spade
Yeah, they are forcing people to submit ticket first before getting phone support.  Bone head move if you ask me. 

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6 days 7 hours ago #728154 by Tristan R
Who knows, it's Apple.  They'll do what they want.  

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5 days 3 hours ago - 4 days 7 hours ago #728195 by Domilee
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