Converting photos to B&W in 2022?

1 week 21 hours ago #746081 by Chipper
Recently I've been getting back into B&Ws. Now the only way I know how to convert to B&W is in Lightroom.  Which is a bit old school I guess and perhaps with limitations compared to some of new software.  So, I'm reaching out to you for a  little help on which software does this sort of conversion the best with most features?  

I'm good with standalone or even something that works on top of Photoshop or Lightroom as an extension.  Thank you.

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1 week 19 hours ago #746086 by Shadowfixer1
Lightroom has all you need. There are a multitude of adjustments that can be made using all the various sliders. There are tons of YouTube videos that will give you all the tools you need for fantastic black and white images. The most important aspect is the vision you have of what the final image should look like. You then go find the skills to achieve that vision.

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6 days 19 hours ago #746142 by miscat
Indeed lightroom has all you need. Use the curves and use the colour sliders.

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5 days 21 hours ago #746160 by Brody Kross
Hey bud, like the others and now going to sound like an echo, I'm using Lightroom.  For me, it does what I want it too for converting to B&W.

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