So, Why Am I In The Film Category Forum?

2 years 1 month ago #723254 by Brachenland
This all started about 1 month ago when I was asked to take part in a challenge. I thought easy enough. But the challenge has proven very difficult to complete. The challenge consisted of locating a camera, using up the entire roll of film then having the film sent out to be developed etc. Step 1 & 2 went fairly well, while step 3 have been come a challenge within it's self.

Most places like Walgreens, Walmart, CVS etc have told me it's going to take up to 3 weeks to have the film sent to a third party for development. Mind you I have only 1 week to complete the challenge. What's at stake?. nearly $3,000 dollars worth of prizes. There's a few other stipulations to this challenge, like the camera has to have a plastic lens, you can't develop the film yourself etc. I've taken part in this challenge, but I may not meet or beat the deadline.

However this has awaken something within be that I've not felt since the late 80's while teaching high school students and community collage students. The challenge has become more than I've bargained for, because I've grown lazy and weak while using digital cameras. So from now on, I'll be rekindling something I thought was lost by carrying a second camera. A kids waterproof 35mm camera attached to my wrist with a rubber band. There's one week left to this challenge and I'm not sure the company I've sent the camera to will have the film developed in time. 

One may see more of me and any images of mine within the film topic category but this doesn't mean I'm giving up on the digital cameras.

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2 years 1 month ago - 2 years 1 month ago #723255 by Brachenland
So for what it's worth, here's just part of the challenge I've been taking part in:

I've been challenged to take part in an analog photo challenge and I thought it was going to be easy, Boy was I wrong. First it took me 6 attempts just to locate the camera. Then find a location to randomly take 27 photos then to top it off I have to locate someone/company willing to develop the film within 1 weeks time. The challenge has proven to be harder than I would have liked it. In fact I went through steps 1 & 2 successfully, but step three has been extremely difficult and I've just sent out the disposable camera for development. The developer said they can have the images back to me before the 27ths so that I can beat my deadline.

This challenge has rekindled something within me that has been lost since 1986. The taking of pictures and having to wait for the results. We've all become lazy due to this digital world and some times we just need to get back in touch with the true meaning of analog photography.

  1. Locate/buy a kids 35mm disposable camera (waterproof/card board)
  2. Make sure that you tape over the camera's view finder
  3. Use the single roll of film up at a single location (max 27 exposures)
  4. Have the film developed within 1 weeks time (Personal film processing/developing is not allowed)
  5. The film can be shot in color, but must be submitted in black & white. The images can not be altered or enhance with photoshop etc
You have one day to locate/buy the camera at a retailer near you, then you have one day at a location of your choosing to take the required 27 pictures. Then you have 1 week to have the film developed. All those participating need to report in saying they found the camera on such and such date. This is in an effort to let others know they are participating in the challenge.

This challenge will technically begin Monday (Aug 23rd, 2021) at 9 am est and end 1 week from that date. I'm giving you Sat to locate the camera & Sunday to find a location to take the pictures. Image can not be submitted before the end date or those images will be disqualified.

Be warned, it's going to be extremely difficult to locate a developer who can have this film for you within 1 week time frame.

Good Luck![/i]

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2 years 1 month ago #723259 by icepics
In my experience it may not be possible to get film developed in a week or less, so maybe it depends on what's available where you live. I'd never gotten very good quality pictures from drug/discount store developing.

I used to go to local camera stores where they'd make adjustments when running the film thru the machine. I did that til there were none left; now I send film out and it takes longer than a week to get back. You also might need to check if the place will return your negatives; apparently some don't and will destroy the negs (which I wouldn't want to have done) unless the customer asks.

It's not surprising to have to go to more than one store to find disposable cameras unless someone knows who carries them.

I don't know who's doing this challenge or has $3000 worth of prizes to give away, or what the criteria is in judging prize winners, but the info. doesn't sound all that professional in the way it's written or completely make sense (like why you can shoot color film but entries need to be submitted in B&W). Hope you get your pictures back in time, but if nothing else this seems to have revived your interest in film photography. I don't shoot film as much as I used to and shoot digitally too; there's no reason why you can't do both.

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2 years 1 month ago #723507 by Brachenland
The roll of film arrived yesterday via email.. and I'm disappointed but I submitted the images to the challenge anyway.

One thing I've learn after seeing these images, I need to remove/cut away the plastic case cover from around the main lens. The case cover is distorting the images, causing a blur and allowing more light into the camera for an over exposed looking image. Nothing is clear. I've already cut away the plastic cover from around the lens on the second camera. Although there's no challenge involved with the second camera, I'm bound to figure out a better way to taking pictures with a cheap ($14.99) camera.

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2 years 1 month ago - 2 years 1 month ago #723879 by Brachenland
Still no word as to if my images made any sort of advancement during the kids camera photo challenge and I've already purchase the second kids waterproof camera but I'm not going to stop there. After we return from our yearly vacation,. I'm going to set aside time to buy this camera:

This a Goodman 3D printed medium format camera body only. Once the camera body has bene acquired, I'll set out to locate the prefect lens and film magazine for this setup. Mind you several have said and many object to doing something like this when the original metal medium format camera cost less than this version. According to the Goodman site, they offer the basic kit (which I'm getting) and several other completed cameras with a few limited selection of lenses. I didn't see a focal length I was interested in thus I'll be searching for the lens and other hardware myself.
The only thing I see happening after I start this project, is that this is the first medium format camera I've ever had a chance to purchase, even while teaching high school and community collage. I'm very excited to be able to acquire this camera as a learning experience and something I've always wanted to do and get back into. So for the time being, I'll need to stock up on the fujifilm waterproof cameras, modify the forward lens bubble for our vacation.

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2 years 4 weeks ago #724043 by Brachenland
I've placed the Goodman camera body on hold as I'm wanting to experiment with something else. early this morning I purchase a Holga kids plastic camera with two Kodak Tri-X 400 and one Ilford ISO-50 for the camera. I was introduced to the camera by a small group of fellows on reddit and I'm likening how the Tri-X film looks unedited. 

The camera body should arrive early next week as the film should arrive a few days afterward. This is all going to be just in time for our annual trip to anywhere USA. I'm very excited about this toy camera because it will make the first time I've ever used a medium format.

One thing I've been made aware of is that the camera is not perfect and can have light leaks, I'm going to be prepared for this with foam strips and tape to minimize any chances of leaks. Along with this as I stated above, this will be the first time I'll be using a film with an ISO of less than 100. if one has any experience with these toy cameras, I'd like to hear it. Look for images soon or within 1 month.

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1 year 7 months ago #732830 by r1ch
I know this is 6 months old but what happened? Were you able to get your images submitted and did you win anything?
After reading this I wondered if I would have been able to participate. I still have my Nikon N90s and lenses that work with it. Film is readily available. Colorado Springs is much smaller city than Denver but even we have a local Camera shop that can do this.
Develop without prints for C-41 is next day is $4.00 and $9.00 for CD and 2 day turn around.
For Black and White.  $6.00 and $11.00 with CD. In Tues out on Friday 3 days. If you need prints, 3 days more. Yep no problem. Mikes Camera could also do it but they were more expensive.

1 year 3 months ago #739722 by Razky

r1ch wrote: I know this is 6 months old but what happened?
Perhaps the OP regained consciousness.




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