Fuji X-T30 demo issues

1 month 4 weeks ago #675755 by amatula

I demo'd a Fuji X-T30 with kit lens at a photo store.
I had many issues with the camera. I have never used one before and realize there is so much I would need to learn but the issues were frustrating:

1. camera not focusing in bright light
2. The electronic viewfinder going black / shutting down (?). maybe as a result of a dial I set it to (?), resulting in not taking photos when I thought it was
3. No sense that the camera was focusing -- I was told to press down a little on the shutter but there is no indicator in the view finder that the camera is focusing.

Then I demo'd at another store and couldn't get the camera to focus at all

I am sure (hoping!) these are all settings issue (?)

I did manage to get 4 image and was really impressed with the detail and sharpness, which was amazing actually, so I am hoping I can understand if the issues I had are common or would be quickly fixed/avoided if I read the manual.

If you use or have used a Fuji I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you and all the best!

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1 month 3 weeks ago #676675 by fmw
I'm a Fuji X system user and haven't found any of those problems.  I would suggest it may have been user error.  Some possible suggestions to your specific issues:

1.  The auto focus function can be disabled so one can use manual focus.  It isn't hard to turn it off.
2.  The electronic viewfinder goes black when you withdraw your eye and turns back on when you put your eye to it.  It is a feature designed to reduce battery drain.
3.  Sounds like #1 above.

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1 month 2 weeks ago #676878 by amatula
Thank you!
This camera (or the XT3) is one of my top choices.
The other is the Canon EOS RP which is a full-frame (I am upgrading from the Canon SL1). Like the idea, though, of something new and the X series seems so fun...

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