Photo Galleries - For General Display or Critique

Photo Galleries - For General Display or Critique
This forum is exclusively for discussions about landscape, city/urban, and architecture photography. This is the place where enthusiasts discuss about tips and tricks in this kind of photography. You are also welcome to share your photos and photo inspirations. Or, you may come here just to be inspired by the work of your fellow photographers.

Landscape photography is about showing the spaces within the world, which can range from the vast and the unending, to the microscopic details. Cities are amazing places to photograph, with the dramatic mix of people and architecture that makes for photos that are worth capturing. Architectural photography is the art of capturing the beauty of aesthetic structures and the science of accurately representing them as subjects.

In 1877, the first colored landscape photo, “Landscape of Southern France” was taken by Louis Arthur Ducos du Hauron. He was the one who invented the subtractive color method of taking photographs. In this method, the only colors were cyan, magenta and yellow. He also worked using additive (red, green, and blue) colors. Back then, they only had a handful of colors to capture scenes with, but this forum will show you just how far colored landscape photos had gone since then.

We hope you enjoy participating in this forum. Don’t hesitate to post your questions, your photos, your new discoveries, and whatever you have for the PhotographyTalk community. Take part in making this one of the most breathtakingly beautiful forums to hang out in.
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by garyrhook
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In this forum, you get to talk about anything about general photography. This forum gives you the freedom to explore everything you need to know about this vast field. From the choice of weapon to capture these photographs, which varies due to the preference and the availability of the camera to the photographer, to the kind of subjects to capture, and the kind of techniques to use.

There are probably millions of photos taken every single day, which makes this forum almost limitless in terms of the topics that we can cover. In fact, it was estimated that the earth’s population has taken over 3.8 trillion photos. How many duckfaced pictures and jump shots must have contributed to this population of photographs? There’s no question you’ll be adding much more photos to this bunch. Hopefully, with the help of this forum, you’ll be adding significant quality to this huge quantity of photographs.

In the General Photography forum, you can talk about anything and everything you want as long as you can connect it to photography. Feel free to browse through the discussions in this forum. We also encourage you to share your photos, as well as, your experiences with photography. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran in photography, your pictures, your opinions, and your questions are welcome here.
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This forum is exclusively about people and portrait photography topics. When it comes to people photography, it doesn't matter if you want to take candid shots or portraits; if you’re capturing the subject from afar or at close distance; or whether your subject is aware you’re taking the photo or not, this forum will can teach you about the basic elements of composition and technique that will help communicate what you’re trying to interpret. If you want to learn about portraiture, whether it is in set up in a studio, taken on the streets or in an event, or in a fashion shoot, this is the go-to forum for you.

Do you know that Kodak designed the first digital camera in December 1975? Steve Sasson designed this camera and it weighed 8 pounds. It recorded only black and white at 0.01 megapixels. Imagine capturing a portrait with this camera. It’ll surely shed off some pounds and hide a few freckles.

Even before, the most popular form of early photography was the portrait. So, participating in this forum and capturing your own images actually mean contributing to a history of people photography. The very first portraits were treasured because of their ability to present the facial appearance of people revealing family resemblance from one generation to another.

We hope you enjoy engaging with your fellow enthusiasts of people photography. Feel free to post your topics, your comments, your questions and your photos; we’d love to have you in our PhotographyTalk community.
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by effron
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This is a forum exclusively for macro photographers. Macro photography is all about shooting your subject at a close distance, which is like 4-5 cm away.
Being able to capture the image of an insect, a mineral specimen or any small object that’s so tiny you cannot see them with your naked eye is something that has engrossed a group of photographers. Thinking about how you can give emphasis to the detail, pattern, and texture can be quite the satisfying experience for macro photographers, you can read all about your fellow photographers’ experiences here, and you can even share your own.

When we talk about macro photography, you instinctively think the subject is magnified. It’s called “macro” because you’re increasing the size of the object in the picture from about half-life size, as represented by the image sensor, to five times life size. What are the subjects you want to see blown up? What insects have you captured in photographs that made them appear larger than life? What are your creative ideas for macro photography?

In this forum, you can discover fun ways to use this photography technique. Explore the different types of gear you can use. Share with each other the challenges and tricks you've had with shooting macro photography.
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by Yasmine Rossi
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This is a forum that is exclusively about discussions for sports and action photography. You will find interesting tips about the do’s and don’ts of sports and action photography. You will get to talk about the best gears to use, as well as the different techniques to master. Let’s face it, when it comes to this kind of photography, it’s extremely difficult to take a great action photo without an SLR and long lenses. So, sports and action photographers are really looking into a large investment, so this forum can help you score the best deals or maybe just point you into the right direction with generous recommendations.

Sports and action shooting can be an intimidating type of photography, even for the more experienced photographer. Even the slightest mistake in your positioning or setting can ruin a shot. It’s important to remember that in this kind of photography, you get better with practice and you get a lot of chances to capture the winning shot. If you’re the kind of photographer who’s after the drama and the adrenaline rush, then this is the forum where you get to talk exactly about that.

Lurk around, comment, or ask questions, welcome to the sports and action photography forum. We’re stoked to have you here!
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This forum is dedicated to Nature and All Wildlife Photography. In this forum, you will be able to access photos taken outdoors, displaying the natural elements of landscapes, wildlife, plants, as well as natural scenes and textures. You'll be able to connect with photographers who have been all over the world searching for the next nature and wildlife shot.
Not everyone in the world can explore go to the great outdoors, to jungles, deserts, and the mountains to capture these priceless sceneries. Nature photography is all about sharing with the rest of the world the beauty of nature. Wildlife photographers capture animals in their natural habitat. Mostly, these animals are photographed in action, such as fighting, in flight or eating. In this forum, you can enjoy your fellow nature enthusiast’s shots; you can share your experiences and travels, as well as your tips and gears that can create for more nature and wildlife photos. This is also the place to air out your environmental concerns to keep our photographers aware about ways to preserve the beauty of our planet.

We hope that you enjoy participating in this forum. Take the time out to say hello and to share your beautiful scenes of nature and wildlife. If you have questions, comments, and tips, don't hesitate to post.
This forum is exclusively for enthusiasts of black and white photography. Shooting in black-and-white simply adds a timeless appeal to any photo. The rich tonality and the unique palette often create a different texture for any photo, presenting an otherworldly appeal for your images.

This technique can actually make any photo better. We live in a world of color, but black and white photography stretches the way you see the world. This photography is often associated to elegance. It’s the way they’ve always shot photos in the past. It kind of gives you that connection to the early roots of photography.

Our eyes are used to color. So, when it comes to black and white photography, you better train your eyes to see the world in tones of gray. It takes time and practice to develop an eye for to shoot this kind of photography. The best black and white photos are those that maximize the differences between elements in a scene that makes good use of shapes, textures, lines, and lighting. Connect with your fellow photographers, as you help each other see the world in shades of gray, feel free to comment, to post questions, and to share your best B&W photos.
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by Eric A
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This is a forum that is exclusively for travel photography. This is the place where you can meet your fellow photography and travel enthusiasts. In this forum, you can share you tips, trips, and technique. What are the things to bring? Where are the spots to go to? What are the gear you need to have? This forum can convince you to never stop travelling.

Do you know that when you travel to take photographs, the most important thing you need to secure is not really your gear. Laptops and cameras can be replaced, but the most important thing you need to protect is your images. Gear can be replaced, but photographs can never be re-captured. 

Make sure you don’t lose them. Always make sure you backup your files. The worst thing that can happen to a travel photographer is when he or she loses a digital file of a photographer that he or she went halfway around the world to take. Feel free to read more must-haves, how-tos and what-have-yous.

We hope this forum inspires you to actually take a step outside of your comfort zone to travel and to take photographers. We would love to hear about your future travels, as well as those from the past. So, where are you going next?
This forum is dedicated to those who believe that film photography is not dead. It’s exclusively for those who want to revive this kind of photography. Yes, film photographers maybe endangered species, but in this forum, we can encourage a steady support for a new breed to come.

Digital cameras are amazing tool; with one memory card you can shoot limitless angles with a thousand different shots. But in this forum, you’ll witness masters of photography. You’ll get to talk about studying and learning, much through trial and error, the photography film medium. You can talk about the film speed and grain, response curves, and tonal ranges. Excited, already?

The beauty of film photography is knowing the fact that there’s so much thought given to the process of ensuring every image has the correct film exposure, composition, and lighting, simply because of the amount of time given to develop and cost of the films.

Every couple of months, a few more film stocks are lost. Nevertheless, there’s still a rich variety of films that are worth loading into your camera. In this forum, you can discuss about the specialty that is film photography. This is the perfect place to put together a collection of film photography, while you still can. From the more obscure ones to the old favorites, enjoy the unique and rewarding photographic experience that this kind of photography has to offer. Feel free to discuss, to ask questions, and to comment on you film photography experiences. We’re glad to have you here.
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