What lens to buy?

3 years 2 days ago #645217 by Liam-Kaufman
So, in a little bit less than a month, I will be traveling to Europe, going to London Paris, and various regions in southern France and Spain. Right now I have a canon T6i body, and both an 18-55mm and 75-300mm kit lens. I want to upgrade at least one of my lenses before my trip, so that I can get better photo quality and sharpness. So my question is, what lense or lenses would you suggest for this situation. I would be OK switching lenses once or twice a day, but I am traveling with a large group, so frequent lens changes just aren't going to happen.

Thank In Advance, I look forward to hearing what you guys think!

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2 years 10 months ago #649546 by Wyrick Photography
What sort of budget are you working with?  There are tons of options, but price is a big separating factor.  

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