Advice in choosing lens for night sky photos

2 years 11 months ago #668808 by Normanaus

I am beginner to photography and very interested in taking night sky photos.  I have Sony 6000 camera and considering purchasing a wide-angle lens. From the reviews I read and my financial abilities, I narrowed it down to three choices of Rokinon lenses.   Can someone help me with choosing a right one?  My understanding is that the larger the aperture , the more light will go in.  I also read that longer lens will provide more detail and less noise- so does this mean 21mm f1.4 is a better option?  I also look at specs for each lens (links provided), it seems 12mm f.2 has almost identical specs as 21mm f1.4. It is also shorter, which would make it easier to travel with. My primary reason for getting a lens is to shoot night sky, but secondary (and not as critical ) would be to use the lens during everyday travels too. Should I go with that one then?  Also I am not sure as to how much difference between f1.4 and f2 there would be - isn't the difference manageable by using higher ISO settings?  Rokinon 12mm f.2   Rokinon 14mm f2.8   
Rokinon 21mm f1.4   Any help, suggestions or ideas on other lenses would be greatly appreciated.Thank you

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2 years 11 months ago #668824 by effron
A wider lens is better for star trails, milky way, etc. For deeper space photography you'll need to win the lottery to afford the gear. 
Any of those lens listed would be fine. I use a 16-35 f/4 and a 20 f/1.8 for my wide field star shots, my pick of those you listed would be the 21 f/1.4. 
Don't suffer analysis paralysis, get one and get out there!

Why so serious?
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