Going to post this question here also

11 years 9 months ago #1096 by FunnyGuy
Figure I might as well post this in the flash section here also ;)

Sometimes in a low light situation I want my shutter to fire quicker than 1/200 which is the fastest it will open with the flash attached. Is there a way to increase the shutter speed beyond that? I have tried increasing ISO which seems to only help the camera show a correct exposure and I'm talking about my ISO is 1600 at this point.

That is what I've noticed also, when the SB-800 flash is on the camera, and I'm shooting in manual, if I want a fast shutter, I can't get the camera to show a correct exposure unless I crank up the ISO to almost max?

I'm kind of new with flash photography, but when you have the external flash on the camera, do you still shoot for the camera showing correct exposure? The camera is in "Commander" flash mode and the flash is in TTL mode. I do have the flash on a cord.

Thanks for the help.

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11 years 9 months ago #1210 by Joe Photo Daddy
I almost certain you can't increase the shutter speed faster than what the flash can sync with

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