Weird soft/fuzzy effect on photos when using flash.

3 years 5 months ago #660811 by madelenelisella
Hey. I am a professional beauty photographer and have been shooting with my Canon 5D mark 4, and Godox QT600 II for about a year now. The last month or so I have been having issues getting the photos as crisp as I used to. I have no idea what changed. No matter what I try the photos come out looking soft. By soft I don't mean blurry or out of focus, it has a weird digital fuzziness to it. Best way to describe it Is how it would look if you were to put a "reduce noise" filter on it in LR or PS... 

I tried resetting my camera and also my flash. I also tried changing lenses. It has gotten to the point where I am like is there something wrong with my camera?? But I definitely feel like it has something to do with my settings on my camera when using this flash. As my natural direct sunlight photos are super sharp.

What am I doing to be creating this effect all the sudden?? PLEASE help. Going crazy.  

I will attach unedited flash photos from when I first started and they were looking super sharp (girl with the freckles), and then now the effect its creating on my recent photos. 

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3 years 5 months ago - 3 years 5 months ago #660873 by garyrhook
1) Don't strip the ExIf data.
2) Tell us the details of the show: shutter speed, aperture, ISO.

Images 1,2,5 have very sharp skin/lips (eyebrows in 5), but not the cornea. Which implies focus was missed using a rather shallow DoF. That is, if you think the eye should be in focus.

Image 3: focus is on the skin. Image 4: focus is on the lips. We don't know how far you've zoomed in, though. But I see an essentially out of focus subject in both of those.

Higher ISO can reduce detail, even on a mk IV.

I'd like to know settings, but I don't see anything odd in #5, other than the plane of focus is too far forward. And yet her hair and neck are also in reasonable focus. Very odd. Settings, please.

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