Issues with my GH5 Cams in Premiere

4 months 3 weeks ago #672110 by kilerb
Hi guys...  So I have 3 Panasonic DC-GH5's.  I primarily use them to shoot video during a podcast.  3 different angles.  I have had 2 major issues.  (I updated the firmware prior to my last attempt on all 3 cams.)  The latest issue being that when I drop these into Premiere, on 2 of the cams it seems like there are gaps in the waveform...  Which is not a huge deal because we use the audio from the mixer anyway.  But, when Premiere hits one of these audio gaps the software freezes.  I'm using the MP4 format on all 3 (the one that says it's suggested for use with PC editing in the menu) and doing 29.97fps on all 3.  One thing I did just notice is that I have 2 different SD cards in a couple of the units.  They are ALL Sandisk, but a few of them are 95 mb/s and a couple are 150 mb/s...  I am using both slots on each camera (recording the same thing to each) Just mentioning this in case that's a no no (using different speeds like that?)  But I would imagine if they're both at least the minimum speed for recording it should work?  Doing 1080p btw, not 4k.  I attached an image of the premiere timeline.  You can see the gaps in the waveform on 2 of the cams.  The green audio beneath that is the actual podcast mp3

The other things which is probably a total noob question is I believe before I had it recording one long file to the SD card.  Now it seems to be giving me 20 or so minute files.  So it's multiple files per angle.  Prefer just 1 since it's easier to synch everything that way later in Premiere. 

Anyway, my big issue is the first paragraph.  I really can't even edit it.  It keeps freezing.  A few weeks ago, before I updated my cams, there was some pixelation once in awhile on some basic video shots I was doing.  Is it possible the cam(s) are broken?  Seems like things that shouldn't be happening.  Appreciate any suggestions from people with more knowledge than myself, which I'm guessing is most of you!  Haha...  Thanks!


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