Lumix Charger Question

8 months 3 weeks ago #729989 by doc47
Hi! New guy here.
I'm charging an OEM Lumix battery with an OEM Lumix charger. I get a green, flashing light. Does this indicate a battery problem or a charged battery? It does it with both batteries I have. 
Any ideas?

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6 months 3 days ago #734713 by Ozzie_Traveller
G'day mate

Just seen this post - hope you haven't been hanging on forever :(
As best as I can make out, the OEM charger is not a smart charger ... mine shows a green light while charging which goes off once the battery is deemed 'done'. There is no flashing

My 3rd-party charger for both house and 12v car use, is a better charger and it changes colour from red to orange to green as it does its stuff

To come back to your Q ...
flashing? not sure - are the batteries genuine or 3rd party (ps- I use both sorts).
performance? after spending some time in the charger, does the camera show charged or flat or somewhere in between?

Hope this helps

Phil from the great land Downunder

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