How much would you charge to follow a band on cross country tour?

1 year 1 month ago #647267 by Nancy Hait
A local band is going on tour and will be on the road for 2 months going cross country.  They are looking for a full time band photographer.  I'll be riding in their tour bus with their managers if I get the job.  They are asking for me to bid on the job.  I'm just not sure what to charge for something like this. 

Can I ask how you would price this?

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1 year 1 month ago #647346 by Oscar Cohen
How much do you normally charge per hour? Times that by the number of hours per week you will be taking photos or needing to follow them around.  + 50% time + hotel cost + food cost

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1 year 1 month ago - 1 year 1 month ago #647351 by GaryA
This is more of a Staff Photographer type job than an hourly rate type job.  You will kinda be on call, be ready to shoot, have a camera with you nearly all the time.  A good starting point to begin your own mental negotiations, prior to giving them a proposal, would be a weekly salary, plus expenses.  If they only want performance shots only, than scale it back an hourly rate. You really need to sit with them and define their needs/desires/wants/expectations.  Assuming that you will negotiate with their manager, make sure a band member(s) are included at the table.  The manager(s) will want the cheapest deal ... (performances only) while the the band may be desirous/expecting the photog to shoot/record/journalize non-performance times. If the band members are not part of the negotiations, then you may end up getting screwed financially and if you say no to band members for photos outside your contract ... the band members get upset ... which in turn, ends up getting ugly.  Be prepared to give and take because the manager(s) will remind you that you're not the only photographer in the world.  PS- Remember that if they have a negotiation meeting with their attorney ... you best bring one with you as well. It would be better for you to bring attorney drawn contract(s) with you to the negotiation table than let the band generate the contracts. Or, if they bring a contract, don't sign the contract before your attorney reviews the contract. 

If the manager(s) is resistant to you injecting your attorney into the negotiations ... then just walk, you most likely would be getting screwed. If this is your first rodeo, (your OP reads like it is), ... then you may not mind getting screwed for the experience and resume building opportunity.  In any case, go into any/all contract(s) with your eyes open.

All the above attorney stuff becomes somewhat mute, if you are very tight with the band.

Good luck and Good Shooting.

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