Night club photography and legalities

6 days 12 hours ago #651280 by Rick Larin
If you take photos for a night clubs website.  The images of course will be online for all to see and patrons to share and socially engage with.  

Is there any legalities I need to worry about?  I can't image having all the patrons that I get a photo of sign a release.  If they later had a change of heart, and try to sue because of intoxication.  Who knows.  But is there any legalities I need to worry about? 

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6 days 9 hours ago #651284 by garyrhook
Are you being hired by the venue? Or freelancing?

The venue is private property. Turns out the owners get to decide what is and is not allowed, and are responsible for anything that goes on there. Including photography. This is their issue, not yours, if you're being hired to do a job.

That said, you know enough to bring up the subject with them, so do so.

N.B. they won't sue because of intoxication, they'll sue because of use of their image. Which has nothing to with the degree of alcohol consumption.

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5 days 18 hours ago #651375 by Inez Villarin
Night clubs are their own countries, LOL once you step foot in there many of what happens in there is regulated by the club owners.  Till a law get's broken.  Gary made some very good points.  +100

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5 days 15 hours ago #651409 by icepics
Usually this type work is done freelance, with a contract and licensing usage of photos for a specified time frame (such as 1 year), for payment/compensation. (It could be done I think as work for hire, being employed as a photographer, but that seems unlikely for this.)

It being their venue and a private business then I think it's up to them to allow cameras, photos being taken, etc. I'm more familiar with sports where somewhere (media guide, website, etc.) it says there may be cameras present, a game may be televised, etc.

For events/sports I usually wanted to make it look fun, like there were plenty of people there, etc. - I'd avoid empty tables/seats or people that looked like they had too much fun (at games the ones who may have been to the beer booth one time too many!).

Typically guidelines are that releases need to be signed for retail or commercial/business use, but not for editorial use or as a fine art print. I'm not sure if using any of the photos in your portfolio to promote yourself as a photographer would be business use, but I'd think about maybe crowd shots rather than specific people and avoid signs that show brand names/logos etc. To use photos of their venue in a portfolio I'd look into whether or not you need them to sign a property release and/or if it needs to be in your contract.

Try pro photographers organizations like PPA or for info. on contracts, releases, usage, etc.

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4 days 20 hours ago #651486 by Jeff Scott
If the nightclub is run by questionable people, I would question what sort of photos they want me to take, and even just check with my attorney to make sure my exits are covered with liability reduced.  All the above mentioned points are valid, just would take one addition precaution. 

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