Running HDMI from DSLR to projector - how to?

1 week 1 day ago #698593 by haring
How do you run HDMI from DSLR to projector?
I would like to project a wedding ceremony to a projector so guests can see it on a large 10 x 9 screen.
How should I run the signal? Hollyland 300?
Cable seems to be out of the question because I need to move the camera.
What transmitter should I use which I can attach to the camera?

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3 days 18 hours ago - 3 days 18 hours ago #699063 by CharleyL
Not a direct answer to your question, but I have a cable that lets me connect my Canon 77D camera direct to my 50" Vizio TV that works great. Now, I know that this isn't what you want to do, but it does prove that the camera will send video and audio data in a format that can be displayed as an hdmi input on a relatively new Smart TV.

The problem now is to transmit this signal so that it can be seen by others not in that location. Have you seen any Youtube live videos?

I haven't played with the technical aspects, but I think connecting a PC to your camera and using it to send your live video and audio through a WIFI connection to an internet network at the wedding location and then to a Youtube channel that you create ahead of time, is all you need on your end. Give everyone that you want to see the video the link to your Youtube channel so they can tune in at the correct time, and it should work. Of course, they will need a smart TV to be able to see Youtube, or a PC connected to the internet and watch Youtube through it, etc. There are several ways that they can get streaming signals from Youtube on their Digital TV. If the TV isn't a Smart TV. ROKU or FireTV modems hooked to the internet and an input to their TV will get Youtube shows on their TV set or digital projector.  I suggest that you contact Youtube tech support to see what is required, or reach out to some of the present Youtube presenters who are doing live shows and ask them for tips to get started.. Some experimenting ahead of time to work out the bugs will surely be required. If you can get it all working, the viewers can be almost anywhere that there is internet in the World and can tune in and watch the wedding live. I hope you have enough time to get all this together. It will probably be a first for a Youtube wedding live show.


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