Client posting sample photos on social with your logo removed

5 days 2 hours ago #698988 by Carter Gledhill
Well this is pickle.  I have a client who received sample photos for them to review and approve.  These photos were branded with my logo and was going to be removed upon final payment.  Well I just saw the photos on their Facebook page today with my logo removed.

They owe me money still, and technically with the exception of them posting photos with my branding stripped, things are going along as they should right now.  Would you make a fuss about this?

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5 days 2 hours ago #698989 by Nikon Shooter
If they received sample photos for them to review and approve,
then they are not theirs for sure. That your logo is there, is left
rightfully at your discretion.

The publication on social media is to your advantage… but they
could have waited to have complete the business to remove the

Should you make a fuss? If the clients are cool… be the same.

Light is free… capturing it is not!
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5 days 2 hours ago #698990 by saponcpa
This is sad. Next time be careful with this kind of activity. 

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3 days 19 hours ago #699064 by Chris Briggs
I would remind them, and hopefully they do what is right and remove and replace with your logo.  Perhaps they forgot? 

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