Sony's SLT-A99V full frame Camera a Competitor to The Nikon D800 or Canon 5D Mark III?

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You can count on the folks with DigitalRev to deliver a review with some entertainment value. In this clip, Sony's SLT-A99V latest full frame translucent mirror camera get's a thorough hands on review. This review focuses on just the A99V and doesn't include discussions on the D800 or 5D Mark III . Being a Nikon D800 user, I have to say Sony has done a stand up job with this camera. So lets here your thoughts on the A99V.


Sony SLT-A99 Features
  • Full Frame 24 Megapixel resolution with 14-bit RAW output
  • Uncompressed Full 1080 HDMI output in 24p/60p/60i
  • Up to 25600 ISO Range sensitivity while maintaining quality
  • World's first Dual AF system for capturing the decisive moment
  • World's 1st full-frame camera with continuous AF in all modes
  • Up to 10 FPS in Tele-zoom & 5 FPS at Full 24 MP resolution
  • Sharp 3.0" multi-angle LCD and bright XGA OLED viewfinder
  • Lightweight professional magnesium-alloy construction
  • New Quick Navi Pro enhances DSLR direct controls
  • Dual slot and advanced media control functions
  • 24.3 MP 35 mm Full Frame Sensor: A whole new world of high-quality images are realized through the 24.3 MP effective 35mm full-frame sensor, a normal sensor range of ISO 100 - 32000, and a sophisticated balance of high resolving power, gradation and low noise.
  • Uncompressed HDMI Output: Easily record Full 1080 HD uncompressed clean-screen video files to external recording devices via an HDMI connection in 24p, 60p and 60i frame-rates.
  • Multi-frame NR: Experience incredible low-light shooting without a flash. The camera captures six images in a fraction of a second. Combining the data from all six, it creates a single image with a reduction in noise equivalent to two additional steps of ISO sensitivity. Sensitivity selectable up to ISO 25600.
  • World's first Dual AF system: The 19-point AF system with 11 cross sensors is complemented by a multi-point focal plane phase-detection AF sensor with 102 AF points that overlays the image sensor.
  • New AF-D Mode: This highly advanced Continuous AF mode uses 19 AF points with reliable depth-direction focusing performance to steadfastly capture subjects and is strongly assisted by the 102-point multi-point focal-plane phase-detection AF sensor. It continues to focus on the subject whether it's moving in depth or plane direction.
  • AF Range Control: Users can set the range of distance from the camera in which subjects can be focused on the AF system. By limiting the AF range, users can prevent unwanted focusing on foreground and background objects. This intelligent function enables reliable performance when photographing sports through wire mesh fences, for example.
  • Fast continuous shooting speeds: Highly responsive continuous shooting at approximately 6 frames per second (fps) is made possible by Translucent Mirror Technology and an enhanced Tracking Focus function offering more advanced acquisition and tracking performance. The Tele Zoom High Speed shooting mode shoots up to 8 fps at 10 MP.
  • Three-way tiltable LCD: The SLT-A99V is the first in the Alpha series to feature WhiteMagic technology, which nearly doubles the visibility of the 921k-dot Xtra Fine LCD monitor in sunny outdoor conditions. The three-way tilt-able mechanism, highly acclaimed on on the A77, is further enhanced for even greater operational ease.
  • XGA OLED Viewfinder: There's never been anything quite like the Tru-Finder OLED electronic viewfinder. For size, speed and brightness even after sunset, this is a gem. It begins with 2359K dots for amazing resolution and high contrast ratio for incredible depth. OLED reduces motion blur to a bare minimum.
  • World's lightest Full-frame Sensor Camera: The SLT-A99V is the world's lightest 35mm full-frame interchangeable-lens digital camera. It weighs only 733 grams (body only), thanks to features like Translucent Mirror Technology and high-rigidity magnesium alloy panels.
  • Newly developed Quick Navi Pro: For heightened comfort and more intuitive operation, the SLT-A99V features an enhanced version of Quick Navi, which was highly acclaimed in the A900 and A700. Called Quick Navi Pro, this new feature allows users to immediately access all camera parameter settings.
  • Dual Slot Function: The SLT-A99V has 2 media slots - one for SD cards, one for both SD cards and Memory Stick media. This allows for simultaneous recording for backup purposes (with recordings sorted RAW/JPEG file type or still/movie data) as well as copying between media. Moreover it allows movie recording to 2 media cards simultaneously.
  • Translucent Mirror Technology: Sony's proprietary Translucent Mirror Technology simultaneously directs light to the image sensor and AF sensor at all times to realize Full-time Continuous AF that keeps the subject in sharp focus and even during continuous shooting and movie shooting.
  • Accurate Viewfinder Info: It also allows the high-precision electronic viewfinder to accurately display the results of camera setting adjustments in real time so the photographer can make sure the results matches their creative intentions.
  • Highly rigid body with magnesium alloy outer panels: Both the main outer body panels and interior chassis are constructed of lightweight yet rigid magnesium alloy. Moreover, the grip and front cover are structurally unified to achieve extremely high body rigidity.
  • Dust and moisture protection: Outer body and moisture countermeasures include the sealing and treatment of major operational buttons/dials and a convex/concave mating structure that tightly interlocks components. Controls also feature a durable structure that withstands the touch usage of advanced amateurs.
  • Approximate 200,000 shutter release durability: The newly developed, highly durable and reliable shutter unit has been proven to endure approximately 200,000 shutter releases. This durability ensures long-lasting shooting performance that takes into consideration the large number of photos shot by advanced amateurs.
  • Meticulous, intuitive design: While inheriting the popular design concept of the A77, the SLT-A99V enables comfortable photo shooting through meticulously designed features including improved grip thickness that enhances grasping ease, switch and button shapes that are differentiated for easier operation.
  • Vertical Grip Capable: The optional VG-C99AM vertical grip designed exclusively for the SLT-A99V can house two batteries, bringing the total number of batteries (including the one in the camera) to three for significantly more hours of shooting (batteries sold separately).
  • PC Remote Camera Control: Enables users to remotely change various camera settings, switch still/ movie shooting on or off, and automatically transfer still images to enhance the efficiency of the studio photo shooting workflow.
  • New Multi-Interface Shoe: Unlike conventional cameras, the SLT-A99V also features a newly developed Multi-Interface Shoe that dramatically expands compatibility with Handycam accessories, thus raising the potential for photo/movie shooting (The included ADP-MAA shoe adapter maintains compatibility with conventional Alpha accessories as well).
  • New Flash/Video Light: The new optional accessory HVL-F60M flash with video light offers high output, Sony's original Quick Shift Bounce mechanism, a new video light for movie shooting and improved operational interface.
  • New Wireless Commander Control: The new optional accessory RMT-DSLR2 Remote Commander for movie shooting that includes a dedicated movie record button.
  • Auto HDR built into camera: Captures more scene dynamic range than a single exposure can handle-and more range than photo film. Combines the best highlight detail from one shot, the best mid-tones from a second and the best shadow detail from a third for one incredible shot. (Recommended for still subjects.)
  • Sweep Panorama Mode: Capture expansive landscapes automatically. Press the shutter and sweep vertically or horizontally. The camera does the rest, continuously shooting images and stitching them together.
  • D-Range Optimizer: Improves results with backlit subjects and recovers details hidden in shadows. Settings include Auto, Level with a choice of five operating levels and Off.
  • Creative Styles: Control how the camera processes your images with 13 finishing styles: Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Clear, Deep, Light, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, Night Scene, Autumn leaves, Black & White, Sepia. You can even fine-tune contrast, saturation, and sharpness to your personal taste.
  • 1200-zone Evaluative Metering: Reads exposure directly from the main image sensor. Choice of Multi, Center and Spot metering accommodates a full range of shooting situations.
  • Built-in GPS: An integrated GPS receiver records the location and time of every shot you take and lets you view your images on a map with compatible computer and Internet applications, so you can remember where you took your favorite shots.
  • Auto Portrait Framing: Simply photograph a person and Auto Portrait Framing will save an additional, optimally framed image in portrait or landscape orientation. Combining Face Detection and By Pixel Super Resolution technologies with rule of thirds, Auto Portrait Framing provides appealingly balanced full resolution portraits.
  • Clear Image Zoom: Utilizing Sony's exclusive By Pixel Super Resolution Technology, Clear Image Zoom increases the effective focal length of your lens up to 2x by digitally magnifying the center of your image with nearly imperceptible degradation that provides greater shooting flexibility.
  • Superior Auto: Get cleaner, more dynamic pictures and fewer missed shots. Unifies and simplifies Sony intelligent technologies, the camera automatically recognizes the correct scene mode, then quickly shoots and combines up to six shots to produce images with greater dynamic range using Auto HDR technology and lower image noise.

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5 years 7 months ago #259574 by Frisco
I like Sony, but not feeling the look of that camera, looks bulky.

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5 years 7 months ago #259621 by KCook
Sounds like they got the EVF right (finally). And that new control knob on the front is welcome. But the price tag is not.


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