Sigma 100-400mm vs RX10 IV

1 year 8 months ago #699079 by abhishek-cam
I have a question in deciding telezoom lens for Sony A7iii. FE 100-400mm would be best, but it is expensive. I will search if I can find a used one, but still, I wouldn't expect to get this at a cheap price.
Another option is to pick Sigma 100-400mm.
And the third option is, buy RX10 IV, just for telezoom, birds, wildlife.
In the view of sharpness, how can these options compare?
[Sony 200-600 is also an option, but considering its weight, I am keeping it as a secondary option]

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1 year 8 months ago #699084 by Ozzie_Traveller
G'day abhishek-cam

As a newbie, "Welcome" to the PT forum ~ you will find plenty of others here who love their photography and are happy to assist you in many ways

Your question is a good one - and like many things in life it's a "yes maybe" sort of answer :)

There is no doubt that the Sony camera with either a Sony or Sigma lens is a strong combination and because of the large-sized sensor will create wonderful and sharp images. The -but- that you point out is both the cost and size/weight of the combination

Have a look elsewhere here for NS's bird images and see how sharp and clear they are ... he is using the sort of equipment you are asking about.

There are many (including me) who use small compact superzoom / bridge cameras with their long zoom lenses and enjoy them very much. As a group of camera types, they offer many advantages plus disadvantages when compared side-by-side to other cameras. Everything today is a series of compromises :(

The RX10 is similar to some of the Panasonic cameras that I use - so may I offer you a glimpse of what I get ... and your RX10 might produce. Each image below is with the camera at maximum zoom of 30x

1) Swan overhead, high in the sky

2) Pelican travelling past my campsite

ps- for future chatting do you have a 'first-name' I can use?

Hope this helps
Phil from the great land Downunder

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1 year 8 months ago #699088 by abhishek-cam
Hi Phil... I am Abhishek, my first name :-)

I am looking for a sharp, but no-very-heavy, but not-so-expensive telezoom lens. I know, not a good combination :-)
So I guess, bridge cameras will be more of a convenience but sharpness goes to Sigma 100-400mm and more sharpness to FE 100-400mm

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1 year 8 months ago #699100 by Piechura
I don't really understand this choice, Not only is the 100-400mm going to be sharper, it's also significantly cheaper than the RX10iv. I theory the RX10iv will allow you to get closer because it's 600mm equivalent, but I suspect in the real world, a cropped photos from the 100-400 and A7iii will still be sharper than 600mm from the RX10iv. And of course the final argument is that the Sigma will almost certainly hold its value better, so if you want to upgrade in the future, you'll be able to sell the Sigma and get a big chunk of your money back.

I actually shoot on an A7iii and 100-400mm combination and I've been very happy with it. Here are some of the photos I've got.

Any of my pictures on this site in the past few months will have been taken with this lens.


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1 year 8 months ago #699325 by Ozzie_Traveller
G'day Abhishek

Pleased to meet you too !

Another lens maybe to consider in order to have less to carry around could be the Tamron 18 to 400. I know that you were not mentioning this earlier, but I have an Aussie mate who is using this lens very successfully.

Here's a link to an Aussie photo site where his images are displayed

Hope this helps
Phil from the great land Downunder

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