Need help confirming frame rate doing high speed on a Sony RX10 IV

8 months 3 days ago #747984 by bradleyheathhays
Long story short is I've borrowed my buddy's nice Sony camera here that I've made a high speed film with and now that it's finished I need to confirm it's fps.  I know virtually nothing about this camera so I had to find a youtube video to walk me through setting it up to do high speed, which thankfully went off without any hitches.

As far as I know I set the camera to film at 960 fps, but sometime when I was either copying the file over to my computer or importing it into my video editing program, a window popped up and said something pertaining to that if the file was NTSC it would be 960 fps and if PAL would be 1000 fps, or something close to that; and that's got me wondering.  Memory is a little hazy and I probably rushed through that process too quickly.  I'm in the states btw.

So now I need to confirm somehow or another what my video's fps is.  I was hoping I could just pull the file up in explorer the fps might show up in it's 'properties' but that wasn't the case.

How can I go about confirming my video's fps please?  Thanks.




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