Reduce my ISO??

6 months 3 weeks ago #728775 by dlgobeavs
I'm quite new to shooting indoor sports, but have had a chance the last month or so to take plenty of pictures of my daugthter's basketball games as of late.

I am shooting with a Nikon D610 with a Nikon F2.8 24-70 lens.  I typically have been shooting in Manual mode at 1/1000 shutter speed, F2.8, and what amounts to auto ISO that often ends up around 6400.

I have a few newbie questions:

1. Is there a way to force a lower ISO?  I end up with more "grain" than I want with my photos.  I'd rather end up a bit darker and fix that afterwards in Lightroom.

2. I feel like I am not getting quite as crisp of pictures and would rather shoot at a faster shutter speed.  But, when I do that the ISO goes even higher :(.

3. Per #2 above, what speed is recommended?

4. Would a lens with a lower aperature help?  When I did the research, it seems like the 2.8 lens I am using comes highly recommended.

Any tips would be welcomed! 


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