Editting Programs.

5 months 3 weeks ago #687512 by Ashtyn
What is everyone thoughts and opinions on editing programs. 
I have been playing around a little bit with the LightRoom program. It's been years since I've used photoshop (high school). 

Just wanted to see what everyone else's insight was :)

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5 months 3 weeks ago - 5 months 3 weeks ago #687513 by Nikon Shooter
I used to be a heavy pro user but now I am Adobe free from
the introduction of CC and the subscription model.

When I decided to quit the CS6 MasterSuite, in the days, there
were no immediate quality substitute available but a RAW con-
verter from Denmark (then CO v.6) instead of Lr and this was a
glorious decision. Some years later, it is v. 13.

I was then betting that Adobe's new plan would motivate deve-
lopers to produce a pixel editor to replace Ps in my workflow and
I was right: a British co. named Serif came up with the new and
brilliant Affinity suite — and what a relief it was.

Lighter, faster, with newer architecture and more capable to evo-
ve and waaaay faster — not to mentioned much cheaper as well.

The power of these new tools is convincing me and my students.

Light is free… capturing it is not!
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5 months 2 weeks ago #688198 by garyrhook
Lightroom has nothing to do with PS. (Aside from the fact that Adobe makes both of them.)

Lightroom is a digital asset management (DAM) system that includes a non-destructive editor. It is unequalled as a DAM.

Some folks like to use Bridge and Photoshop for their editing. I think there are easier tools available now.

There are other programs that provide various function: Capture One, Affinity (both mentioned above), Luminar, On1RAW, Paint Shop Plus, ACDSee, Photo Mechanic, etc. Most offer trial periods.

Suggest you purpose to test drive one program at a time, to get a feel for what it can do for you. I believe you'll find that at least one of them will make sense and be a good fit.

N.B. The subscription model for LR + PS (It's not just LR) is less than the cost of lunch out once a month. You get a lot for that. But it doesn't help if you don't like the program. Go experiment.

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1 month 3 weeks ago #698291 by saponcpa
Same to same. I am using Adobe Photoshop CC latest version for my editing work. 

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