How to I get this beige photo style?

9 months 3 weeks ago #702942 by LaraMaria12
Hello,can you please help me how to achieve this warm, beige, grainy style from the photos attached?Do you think it is analogue? Is there any special lightning? What would be the settings in Photoshop or is there maybe even an app to achieve this effect?Thank you so much! Really appreciate your help!


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9 months 3 weeks ago #703031 by Nikon Shooter
Using a well delimited chroma mask, apply a toning effect
adjusting both contrast and mid-tones to fit the photo,

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9 months 3 weeks ago #703170 by db3348
You  could also  get  your model  to actually wear  some beige coloured clothing (like in #1, #3 & #4)  and  stand  in front of a beige-coloured background (like in #2).

I  believe  #1  was actually wearing  a beige hat and sweater (if that's the colour  you choose to call it)  and  standing  in front-of a background that was roughly beige  or  actually more yellowish .  No special effects ,  really .

No#2  was probably standing   in front-of a "beige"-coloured background ,  again  no special effects.  Ican tell that  because  his jacket  and hair  are  reasonably neutral in colour .   If  they had applied a beige filter or lighting ,  the jacket and  hair  would not look so 'clean' .

Model in #3 & #4 was just wearing  some "beige" (more chocolate-brown in my opinion) clothes ,  because everything else in photo  appears relatively neutral white-grey.

As far as the "grainy" goes ,   using  a high ISO setting on camera ,  maybe ISO 400 to 1600 (experiment) ,  depending on what particular camera  you  use ,  can get  you grain like that .  Different cameras  deliver  different degrees of graininess at the same ISO setting .

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