7 years 11 months ago #491500 by James Sencil
Share your personal life experience, photography learning, updates, wise advice, favorite quotes or even random wisdom that you have picked up for this day.

Let me start...

Today, I learned the negative effects of too much self-isolation.

7 years 11 months ago #491593 by Nicole Summers
You cant move forward unless you make the first step. 

7 years 11 months ago #491714 by Elle Sterling
Do not live in the past. it is not a place. 

7 years 11 months ago #491773 by J Hemingway
NEVER try to fart after eating a bean burrito from Taco Bell, even if you thinks it's just air.  


:rofl: :rofl:

Ok serious answer?   Not all canvas shops print at the same quality!!  See my funny (completely made up) example is much better than the negative one.  

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7 years 11 months ago #491776 by James Sencil
Nice! Hahaha... I agree. I also had that experience before. 

If you're planning to stay up late, dont drink coffee. (For coffee people only.)

7 years 11 months ago #491858 by Martha Bronter
Let go or hold on?

7 years 11 months ago #491911 by lemcclair
Be thankful for all that you have in life. Always

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7 years 11 months ago #491914 by Nathaniel Witmer
Yeah! I agree! 

Today, I think I have learned a new trick (not so new for experts maybe- haha) in Photoshop.

7 years 11 months ago #492009 by Shiela Simons
Time is precious! 

7 years 11 months ago #492167 by James Sencil
Always double check everything. 

7 years 11 months ago #492294 by PeterPaulCollins
Be more polite. 

7 years 11 months ago #492480 by Chris Lee
Always say the right words. 

7 years 11 months ago #492624 by Amelia Wilson
Value quality time

7 years 11 months ago #492786 by Joseph Raymonds
Learn to love yourself as well. 

7 years 11 months ago #492880 by Shiela Simons
Never be boring! 




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