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2 years 1 month ago - 2 years 1 month ago #685722 by Nikon Shooter
Sky News Australia

China should re-consider how it conducts its diplomacy in the wake of the
“despicable” rhetoric coming from some of Beijing’s diplomats, according
to former foreign minister Alexander Downer.

Chinese Ambassador Cheng Jingye has not shied away from combative rhe-
toric in recent days, first warning that Chinese tourists may boycott visiting
Australia and arguing it was laughable for the government to feel vindicated
after a World Health Assembly (WHA) passed a resolution calling for an in-
vestigation into the origins of COVID-19.

In the aftermath of the WHA passing a resolution backing an investigation
into the novel pathogen, China has levied an 80 per cent tariff on Australian
barley exports, with reports other sectors could be targeted.

Mr Downer told Sky News the government has done well to remain calm in
the face of the rhetoric coming out of the Chinese embassy.

“If I were the Chinese ambassador in Canberra, before I went to bed at night,
I’d think to myself, am I achieving my objectives in this country?” he said.

“Am I not only understanding Australia, which good diplomats should do, but
the ultimate diplomat is somebody who can exercise some influence over the
host country.

“Well, however are you going to exercise any influence by abusing Australia?”

He (Cheng Jingye) should try and understand how a liberal democracy work."

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2 years 1 month ago #685749 by Superman

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2 years 3 weeks ago - 2 years 3 weeks ago #687641 by Pandora
Alexander Downer was a Liberal Party conservative, (a Republican if you like) but is now retired from government. He was never one of my favourite polies but occasionally talks sense.

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