Camera on moto x4 - troubleshooting help needed

1 year 11 months ago #714377 by cristobalm23
I am hoping someone can assist or point me in the right direction.  My goal: to be able to take a clear picture of a personal check and deposit it online into my checking account.  Sounds simple enough, or so you would think.

I have a moto x4 and, whenever I use the camera app, large pictures come out okay but pictures of words (such as a check) do not ; they are "always blurry.".  Now, I found out that I can take a clear picture of the words when I put the camera setting in a "wide angle" mode vs. a panoramic mode.  I have attached two pictures to show the difference.

However, I can't set the "wide angle" as a default setting in the camera app and, whenever I go to my bank's app and try to deposit a check by taking a picture, it automatically goes to the panoramic mode that takes a blurry picture; further, there is no option to upload a clear picture, which would have allowed me to get around this problem.  I tried adjusting the HDR, the photo size, and several other settings, but to no avail.  I also tried downloading several camera apps from the Google play store, but with no luck.  

I called the bank and spoke for 40 minutes trying to figure out a resolution with their app, but to no avail.  

I called my phone's carrier, Republic wireless, and they were unable to help.  They referred me to Motorola.

I called motorola and they suggested downloading other camera app's at the Google play store, which I had already tried; I tried downloading 10 different apps and a blurry picture every time.

Does anyone can figure out a a way to take clear picture (of words) with my phone's app in light of the above?  I have spent several hours today trying to figure this out.  No one knows what to do, short of just buying another phone with a  decent camera. 

If anyone can think of a "breakthrough solution" to this problem, I would be thrilled.  


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