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How to set up your own vanity profile URL

You'll want to share your profile page with friends, family and colleagues. We have made it super easy for you to change your standard photographytalk.com/profile URL to something unique to you.

1. You'll need to be on your profile page. To get there, log into the site and click on the 'User' icon from the top right of any page on the website and then select "My Profile".

help vainity 0001

2. Then click on the "Edit Profile" button from top right of your main profile image as shown here:

help vainity 0002

3. Click on the "Change Vanity URL" from the options:

help vainity 0003

4. A pop-up will show with the option to fill in what you want your vanity URL to look like.

help vainity 0004

5. Once you have your vanity URL filled in, simply click on 'Update' button to complete the process.

on Friday April 22 by Sean
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