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How to Use Search

Looking for something on PhotographyTalk?

Here’s how you’ll find it: the magnifying glass at the top of every page lets you search PhotographyTalk from top to bottom for a certain keyword or phrase.

search help

Our search tool organizes the results for you in 4 categories, so it’s easier to find what you want. You can search across articles, photos and members at the same time.

From top to bottom, here’s how your search will turn up:

  1. Articles with the keyword or phrase you enter

  2. Photos with the keyword or phrase in their description or ‘tags’

  3. Members on our site with the keyword or phrase in their profile (hint: use this to add other photographers who shoot your favorite type of photos)

  4. Group Pages that have the keyword or phrase contained in them

Go find what you’re looking for!

on Friday April 22 by Sean
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